The Highest State of Readiness!

Hey all! My name is Matt and I am a Tier Operator for RedCon1! RedCon1 is known for its revolutionary pre-workout Total War and game -changer products such as MRE and MED*KIT!

If you have any questions feel free to message me! I can reply here or on IG @Matt_Ceno or on Twitter @T10MATTS!

To check out the latest from RedCon1 please go to

As an FYI, we’re going to eventually need to set some rules on all the affiliates out there, since we don’t need 10,000 people posting their codes to the same site, but for now we will stay in chaos mode.

And you were the first operator to join, so that’s bonus points!!

Always big on RedCon1. Brand has blown up for good reason

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I am down for any guidelines y’all set. If there is something I did you dont like then I will be more than happy to delete. I want to use this as a tool for information first and foremost!

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Nice to see redcon1 here

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