The Genius Muscle Builder: Natural Muscle Gains Like a Genius

The Genius Muscle Builder: Natural Muscle Gains Like a Genius


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The Genius Brand takes on Muscle Building with three human-research-backed ingredients! Genius has become the company to beat on Amazon in 2018. Their products all have science-backed formulations that have become the talk of the industry. Recently, they entered the “natural muscle building” corner with The Genius Muscle Builder. There’s… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


$3 a serving is steep, but that’s a great profile and I know those are pricey ingredients. Nice to see another no-BS product from these guys as most “natural muscle builder” supplements are pretty silly.


I’ll be honest the results bit just looks like him relaxed vs flexed.
If you are going to do before and after photos compare similar poses.

As usual if you have the money to burn genius is a good, safe option.

That said I don’t see this selling well since every company that releases a PA product discontinues it because no one wants to buy it due to its insane price.


Yeah, if we’re being honest here, there isn’t an overly huge difference, and him not having close to the same pose/posture in the before and after pics just screams that the difference isn’t all muscle. Not that it’s a bad product of course (just expensive).


PA nearly completely disappeared from the market for a while earlier this year too! The issue here is that brands need to have huge purchase quantity to get a decent price, and it’s still expensive. MuscleTech had that kind of power and was putting it into a bunch of their side-brands’ products but it didn’t seem to pan out for them either?


Primabol from Primeval…I’ve used that and PA(7) from HPN…and I agree…expensive…thus I stopped using it. Using Peak02 now…and would ask…Is there a reason to combine all of those ingredients above? Wouldn’t one suffice? Asking out loud because I don’t know.


PeakO2 is the cheapest of this trio, and seems to work differently by lowering time to exhaustion, enabling for more volume. So I’d consider it more of an indirect “muscle building ingredient”. As in, not gonna do much if you don’t do much.

The other ingredients act on mTOR and that’d be more of what you’d call a “direct” builder. But still, as a natty, you gotta get after it on the regular and not slip much. Probably smart to stack with a leucine-rich protein or BCAA/EAA supp.


Makes sense…and not looking to offend but curious when it comes to ‘kitchen sink’ type of supplementation…not saying that is what they are doing…just curious as to the differences in performance when Peak02 is paired with PA vs. by itself…Again just asking the question.


PA data has changed making it another dud
1.5g of hmb lol and cheap af
Peak is cheap af
All for $89


Oh? In what way?



Even HMB isn’t so much directly a muscle builder as it is anti-catabolic, so your really want to increase volume and/or frequency to take advantage of it. Paired with PeakO2 it makes sense; more endurance lets you take advantage of more volume I suppose, but you can buy both of these for not a ton of money.


There are different mechanisms of action at play so it should give the benefits of both.

I think the goal is to just make it a product with a bunch of stuff people would take separately all together, for the people who don’t want to have to figure it out for themselves, but PA is not a very enticing product at its price, I think its going to drag the rest of this product down.

I think they would have a better product if they focused on peak 02 and HMB, make a supplement for people who are doing hardcore training and have endurance/recovery based ingredients in it.


For what it’s worth, it’s a better effort than many tries at muscle builders if you even want to call that a category. That doesn’t mean it’s worthwhile


Yeah, I actually like the pairing of HMB and PeakO2. Maybe take that idea and either leave it or add more things for that purpose; perhaps something else for recovery (LCLT) and/or endurance/adaptogens (rhodiola).


And add higher amounts of both, at least double.


Good point. 3g is pretty much the standard HMB dose; 1.5g has only been shown to work in elderly women IIRC.


This thread is making me excited,

Look forward to my fingers typing rapidly in about an hour lol


Make sure you type up what’s the status of your pre workout while you’re at it


Just checked the prices of what is commercially available to consumers in ~1 month quantities (so not buying a ton in bulk), and you can get double the dose of HMB and PeakO2 for a total of $34/month. So that’d be $17/month (less than 1/5 of the retail price here) for the same dose of 2 of the 3 ingredients, or $34/month (just over 1/3 of the price) for double the dose of 2 of the 3 ingredients, which many would argue is better. If you really want PA, which anecdotal experience also says is better at higher doses, even if this isn’t supported by any actual data, except supposedly correspondence with one of the authors of some of the studies, and can spare some calories/fat, use some lecithin granules. At ~4% PA, you’d need 37.5g granules to hit 1.5g PA, which comes out to $16/month. So you can have double of all 3 ingredients for $50/month (which would cost you $180 otherwise), or the same dose of each for $25/month (compared to $90).