The 2016 FDA NDI Draft Guidance Document: How To Destroy The ENTIRE Dietary Supplement Industry in 102 Pages

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Why Ashwagandha ? Their reason is funny...
Because they don't see a use of the roots ? I didn't understand what does they mean ,.. ?

The reasons are a bit suspicious. Are they backed with solid research ? Or just " unacceptable" ?

URGENT!!! Help Stop FDA From removing Vinpocetine from the market!! See this website where in 5 seconds you can send a form letter to the FDA, your Senators and Congressmen, and to 6 friends to ask them to help snowball the alert!!

I believe the attack on Vinpocetine is part of an FDA effort to test our industry resolve to fight back RIGHT NOW!! If they can railroad Vinpocetine off the market, and don't see us fight back, I am sure they have a huge HIT LIST of stuff they've been drooling over removing from the market for years!!!

Fortunately, once again, the Life Extension Foundation and International Advocates for Health Freedom are in a process of building a large coalition activists to fight back just like in the pre DSHEA days when David Kessler was the FDA Commissioner from hell. The Life Extension Foundation needs help to network this website where I hope you will utilize the form letter to complain to the FDA and congress

For more info on Vinpocetine- please see and help snowball this urgent press release to more people and groups, and please coordinate with IAHF via 1-800-333-2553 so we can work together more closely on this!!!


Dear Supporter,

If you're over age 30, you likely suffer structural
brain changes that impair your cognitive abilities.

The good news (up until
now) is there is a validated way to mitigate factors that contribute to
neurological impairment.

The bad news is the FDA wants to rob you of
a compound that has been safely used by Americans since the 1980s.

FDA's Warped Logic

On August 31, 2016, the
FDA published in the Federal
Register that it wants to remove vinpocetine from the

The FDA is not
alleging that vinpocetine
is unsafe, nor is the agency questioning its efficacy. In fact, the FDA
provided evidence that vinpocetine is beneficial in protecting and restoring
cognitive function lost to normal aging, along with disorders like stroke and Alzheimer's.

The basis for the FDA banning vinpocetine is a technicality that has no scientific practicality.According to the FDA's misguided logic, since a new drug application was
filed in 1981,then vinpocetine does not qualify today as a dietary supplement.

Year 1981 is not a misprint!
The FDA is actually going back to a 35-year-old
drug application and claiming this as a basis to rob your brain of a
low-cost compound that has demonstrated efficacy in human clinical trials.

600 Published Studies!

If you log on to the government's medical database (, you'll see over 600 published references describing vinpocetine.

Not only does it protect against neurological aging via multiple mechanisms, but it has demonstrated efficacy against a host of systemic degenerative conditions. The FDA
pretends that these studies, readily accessible on the government's own database, are not relevant.

We believe the purpose of the FDA's proposal to remove vinpocetine is to protect pharmaceutical interests. Based on its clinical benefits, there is a strong incentive to sell vinpocetine as an expensive prescription drug.

It is imperative that you
log on to a new website to
easily send the FDAa public comment protesting their attempt to rob you of vinpocetine. We've set this up so you'll simultaneously send your Representative and two Senators a letter demanding they stop the FDA from implementing this and other proposed guidelines that will cause many popular supplements to be banned.

FDA Admits Vinpocetine is Beneficial

To bolster its position that vinpocetine needs to be removed from the market, the FDA references the following article published in the Los Angeles Times in 1986.

This article describes studies whereby vinpocetine markedly improved cognitive function in older humans. According to the FDA's twisted logic, since pharmaceutical companies funded this research over 30 years ago, then vinpocetine cannot be sold as a dietary supplement (even though the patent long ago expired).

Fight Back!

If the FDA succeeds in banning vinpocetine, an affordable way of protecting against neurodegeneration will disappear.

To stop this flagrant new attempt by the FDA to deny Americans access to dietary supplements, please log on to

This new website lets your
voice be heard in less than 5 minutes.

For longer life,
William Faloon

William Faloon, Co-Founder

Life Extension Foundation®

Thanks for the excellent article, please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W Pacific time so we can work together to fight the FDA. Please see I am a consultant to the Life Extension Foundation on legislative issues, and when I posted the comments for my organization (International Advocates for Health Freedom on FDA's website against the NDI Guidance document I borrowed from what you're saying here and combined it with some of the things LEF is saying. I also have a huge global network of health freedom fighters who I talk with by phone in real time in places like South Africa, UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Chile- the attack on the natural products industry is global and getting heavier all the time. Hitlary KKKLINTON is totally controlled by Big Pharma, also by the Banksters, and if she is inserted on us via the rigged voting machines, phony polls and controlled media we will see the global destruction of the natural products industry. Please call me at 1-800-333-2553 H&W or email me at Thanks! John Hammell, President
International Advocates for Health Freedom