Syntha 6 + Cold Stone Creamery | NAILED IT!

Syntha 6 + Cold Stone Creamery | NAILED IT!



I love Mint Choc Chip Ice cream and this made me hungry for it…nice work fellas…So wait who was the third guy again? @Matt_Towson


I was disappointed. The chocolate chip mint is not as good as MTS whey mint cookies and cream. MTS has a better mint taste and its a little sweeter with less carbs.


they were underwhelming big time.


Disagree with you guys, these flavors are nothing like advertised. German chocolate cake tastes nothing like actual German chocolate cake.


But did you have yours with a bribe? Lol


Well being negative/critical doesn’t pay :stuck_out_tongue:.


Lol that cracked me up


buy the 1 lb offering they have, so you’ll only feel disappointment, in place of disappointment and regret


I may have to give that a shot…


Bummer! I’m used to drinking isolates and low calorie proteins, but I though all cold stone BSN flavors were REALLY good!

I would encourage people to try the 1lb product. But we all know, sometimes you get a good batch and sometime you get a bad batch.


Funny thing is I was just at the gym (Xsport, don’t judge) and they were advertising 50% off of Syntha6 and had Mint Choc Chip. I had such a bad workout today that I made myself leave immediately after - my version of ‘no soup for you’…But I would like to try out the 1Lb


Buy MTS mint cookies and cream instead. Its better and cheaper, less carbs.


And produced alongside dog food as a bonus


What is???..


I have seen where its made. I don’t recall seeing any dog food cans or bags around…:slight_smile: MTS is better. Better taste, less carbs, and better value.


I’ll disagree on value - since 5lbs if MTS will be around $50. You can get 9lbs of cold stone BSN for $60 right now.


link? xcvxcxczxczxc


That deal expired BUT you can get 7.5lbs (3 tubs) for $60.00, here:


$60 for 9lbs deal is back.