Supplements Revealed

Anyone else going to watch this? First episode drops tomorrow…

Should be interesting and will certainly generate some great discussions.

Makes a disease claim in the first 30 seconds?

Not sure I want to spend my time on it. I’m enjoying the new Narcos lol

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Haha - I think like most docs, we won’t agree with much of the hypotheses, but it will be an interesting watch.

Haha. Are you getting your 20 plants and 200 capsules per day like he is?


Somedays it feels like it.

Right now I’m using Complete Health from Like a Pro and that alone is 12 caps a day


Solid supplement. I guess if you only opt for capsules, it can add up quick. Like even just Creatine and betaine would be several capsules. Cool to see Arjuna in it; Arjuna doesn’t get much love.

That many pills sounds insane. I always wonder about them building up in my gut and sitting like a rock.

Nah, i’d be concerned if they were tablets.

My only issue with Vitadapt is that its a tablet

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I will watch it but you are right. There are a lot of medical doctors that don’t know a lot about supplements themselves. I had to explain to my urologist about creatine and he is one of the best urologists around here. :slight_smile:

Holy hell 200 pills a day? When does he have time to eat?