Supplement Industry News - Would love to see more of this

Supplement Industry News - Would love to see more of this

I wasn’t sure where to put this. Many of you guy’s are ‘in the know’ and I’d love to read (with pictures of course) Industry related news as you come across it. I know we have ‘new supplements’ but more of the behind the scenes information - minus the gossip.

For example…

Why is it that most everything on Sparta’s site is sold out and Kraken is no longer listed?

I see that Marc Lobliner is now CEO of Outright Nutrition
Is HPN Supplements still around?
Why don’t you ever see anything (minus marketing emails) from Transparent Labs?


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My question is why would you order from Sparta direct? Their customer service is awful , and their prices are sky high. They can be found much cheaper at many other vendors.

Do you ever read their social media? It’s filled with complains of never responding to emails , and packages missing for weeks on end. Then the brand deletes the comments to try and cover up their mistakes. I know a lot of friends that have been burned ordering off their holiday sales and had to contact their bank to get a refund.

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Hope they’re hitting reset on their whole brand. They went from interesting to campy real quick


Think you are missing the point. I so happened to have been looking at their site, which prompted my question…And I’m hardly on Social Media…

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And your missing my point

  • overpriced to buy direct from Sparta. Their deals there are weak
  • bad customer service
  • lack of communication to customers

Which prompts me to ask you again. Why not shop else where that carries these products? Gives you better deals? And gives you customer service

I would say email them and ask but you May not get a response

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I think what Bill poorly explained is that he wasn’t shopping on the site. He was just looking around to see what they have, anything new, etc since he doesn’t know what these Instagram stories you dangs kids keep talking about


Well they are beta testing new products which I posted in the new supplement thread but half the time Bill doesn’t read what I post. I’ll try and reach out to Sparta to see if I can figure anything out.

Kraken has been BOGO for months on end at certain retailers so it raises an eyebrow. Sparta Direct has a hard time stocking certain protein flavors, hydra Shred flavors and their BCAA from what I have noticed

100% this.

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sounds like Jered Wheat expects a ruling on DMAA any day now…

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To answer this question, HPN is still available on the Tiger Fitness site. I believe their protein was rolled into the Ambrosia line.

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I don’t mean this as an indictment of Sparta - I’m friendly with them, in fact - but instead more of a broad criticism. What I seem to notice as a common trend in our industry is the idea that supplements are some sort of direct marketing, passive income “muse” (in the parlance of Tim Ferriss) and that if you have good enough digital marketing and fulfillment, you can set everything on auto-pilot (à la Shredz, perhaps) and rake in the cash.

I’m glad that companies that attempt this are not thriving in what is a challenging climate on both the brand and retail side. You have to have skin in the game, you have to care, and you have to have rudimentary, basic “we give a shit” customer service.