Suplements dissolving in water and bioavailability

So is there any connection?
People thought NALT is more bioavailable because it is better dissolved in water but that is pretty much proven otherwise.
Now I read that phenylpiratsetam is absorbed better because it doesn’t dissolve in water like piracetam.

Is there any connection at all?

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Not necessarily. Lots of compounds (ie. creatine) won’t absorb well, or at all, if not dissolved. That was the theory with NALT. However, the problem with that was not due to solubility or even absorption, but the major problem that I recall is that it’s poorly converted into “usable” tyrosine. Your body utilized the amino acid, but not the acetylated version, and a large portion of ingested NALT is excreted unchanged. The problem is the number of factors involved. Being less water soluble isn’t strictly a bad thing, as it could just be more fat soluble which should also increase uptake in the body. I believe a lot of minerals also have an active transport system in the body because they’re so essential, your body actually looks for them. With other compounds, the problems occur when they hit the blood stream, some aren’t broken down into proper metabolites, others are broken down too fast so they don’t have time to illicit any measureable effect. No offense, but you’re trying to oversimplify an extremely complex subject.


In conclusion, biochemistry is stupid and made up and no one should ever take it as an elective, NOT THAT I’M BITTER.

A large percentage of your body is water.

ah yes, thanks
I completelly overlooked some things like fat soluable nutrients

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Props for the question. You’re logic was pretty sound, but in the case of phenylpiracetam, it’s actually incredibly effective in the body.

The addition of the phenyl ring to piracetam means it will easily cross the blood-brain barrier and be effective at a lower dose. Plus, there’s actually HUMAN studies showing it’s incredibly effective (not the case with NALT).

I’ve used this stuff before in the OG version of AZOTH and InnovaPharm Limitless…it is SUPER strong focus and feels great, but comes with a fairly quick tolerance build up I find, so I use it sparingly.

Great question, and let me know if you need anything else!

Phenylpiracetam is essentially phenylethylamine bonded to piracetam right? Pretty sure thats what I read. If that’s the case, obviously improving the piractam uptake into the brain will help its effects, but could the extreme focus also come from the piracetam slowing the breakdown of the PEA molecule? Don’t think I’ve ever seen that talked about.

If I had a guess, it’d be something in this neighborhood. Either way, I always just consider it two awesome things - PEA + Piracetam. Any synergistic bonuses are… bonus. I definitely feel it a ton more than piracetam itself!

I’ve never understood the connection between dissolving in water and being absorbed in your gut…a pit of acid.

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I’d venture to guess that it’s not an essential requirement or pills wouldn’t work! Clearly not the case. The idea I got is if you’re consuming something, for example creatine, in a relatively large amount (say, 5 grams) you need sufficient fluid for it to dissolve, which may not be available in the gut. Therefore, making sure it’s dissolved ahead of time is certainly not a bad idea. Basically, a lot of things need to be in solution to be taken up in the intestines. May not make a huge difference, but why not?