Suggestion For Video Series

Suggestion For Video Series
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Hey, you guys should do a series that’s basically an educational course on ingredients. Maybe do “Common Ingredients in Pump Preworkouts” and go over citrulline and what it does. Go over Hydromax. Go over glycerol. Go over Arginine. Go into what it does and a bit about how it does it, and also it’s interactions with other compounds.
You could do a stimulant based preworkout one, a protein (difference of isolate, concentrate, whey, etc.), BCAAs, EAAs.

Just a thought. It could be a series that doesn’t need a real timeline, but just when you get enough information down and can make it palatable, then shoot and put it out!


I’ve thought about this as well, and I’d think it’d be dope. I know they have some mega articles on the forums about certain ingredients, but an overall, comprehensive view of everything in video format would be dope. Especially for newer stuff like Vaso6, Dynamine, and LeanGBB


Great idea