Suggest me a fat burner that will suppress my appetite

If you know something good, please suggest it. Also, I used hydroxy elite’s old DMAA version but I’m hearing the DMHA isn’t as good. Hi-Tech also makes Lipodrene elite, but the same applies. Has anyone used the dmha versions ? If so are they still good on suppression, helping lose weight?

Do you prefer pill or powder form? Or do you not have a preference?

What about your stimulant tolerance? Do you want something non-stim, high stim or don’t care?

I personally like Radiate+ from RXS for a Thermo/Fat Burner

If so are they still good on suppression, helping lose weight?
Well to be honest nothing will help lose weight but a caloric deficit. How is your diet? Are you eating in a caloric deficit? Are you monitoring your intake?

Just throwing in a pill or a powder will not get you from point A to B. There is way more to it then a supplement which plays the minor role in your overall goal.

Take care of your dietary needs, make sure you are on a consistent training plan, and if you do cardio stick to it. When you hit road blocks down the way that is when you can deduct calories, add additional calories and then “Supplement” with a fat burner/Thermo to help you get over the roadblocks.


I could go either way- pills or mix
I used to take hydroxy with the dmha
I’m now using dmha pre’s. I can take it. I just hear Yohimbe is hit or miss either you love it or you feel like grim death so I’ll keep that low.

I’ve heard of some good stuff but too pricey. My budget is like 35 bucks. Also, I would like something quantity wise that will last. Most of the stuff I’ve seen would be done in a month due to dosages.

If you have a problem with overeating, I’d recommend Lipocide from Evogen. I’m sure there a lot of great products, but speaking anecdotally, I found that to be an excellent appetite suppressant.

Truth be told, nothing surpresses my appetite like my Adderal prescription. Got it for law school, but it was too much. Now, I might take one pill a month for my ADD and I can go an entire day before eating. NOT A RECOMMENDATION - but I thought it was worth pointing out.

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You’re completely right. I do know this. My 2019 plan is to intermittent fast and to let a burner supplement do what Burners actually do- and in this case I mean, suppress my hunger, rev my body temp up, help my mood and focus.

The notion of magic pills is a myth. But appetite suppression helps a lot. I tried hydroxy and didn’t even have time to workout due to schedule change, and I still lost weight. So combining something like that with 3-4 days of lifting and some cardio would be… who knows.

Again, the sub questions goes out to everyone reading. Lipodrene elite and hydroxy elite- anyone use the dmha versions extensively that could chime in with experience testimony?

They’re both around my price range, but I’m confused if they’re even worth it without DMAA.

I have not used either but radiate does fall into the price range with code “CPBOB” which will take $10 off the total

Yohimbine is hit or miss start low at 2.5mg upon waking and work up to .02mg/kg and assess your tolerance. Some will get cold sweats and shivers and increased heart rate as negative sides you will have to roll the dice on that one. But it’s best used in a fasted state and in conjunction with caffeine

I personally do not use a bunch of burners or thermos but I enjoy radiate due to the massive amount of nootropics involved to provide very long lasting energy and appetite suppression.

But again as you know results will vary from person to person

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If you are on a budget just stick to an EC Stack honestly.
I personally have not found anything better for appetite suppression.

What is EC stack?

Ephedrine and Caffeine.
Easiest method is pick up some Bronkaid and some caffeine pills.

If you are on a budget just stick to an EC Stack honestly.
I personally have not found anything better for appetite suppression.

winner, winner chicken dinner.

EC stack, is best imo

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Isn’t ephedrine banned?

Pharmacy’s my man. All you do is go in, ask for bronckaid or Primatene (my preferred) and show ID. It’s monitored so you can only buy so many boxes a year.

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Target or Walmart at the pharmacy Counter, like nappy said

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I had a good experience with this product:


The OG Radiate killed my appetite. I haven’t tried Radiate+ but reviews seem to be just as good.

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Radiate+ >>>>>> Radiate OG

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When we gonna get some samples over here?:wink:


I 2nd this statement!


For real, I bought the caps before you guys released the powdered form. Hate taking pills