Steve Aoki's ENGN Shred Pre Workout Drops a Neon Blueberry Pop!

Steve Aoki's ENGN Shred Pre Workout Drops a Neon Blueberry Pop!

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Nearly exactly two years after EVLSports released ENGN Shred, the fat-burning focused pre workout supplement that’s based off of their original pre workout, ENGN, they made their biggest splash yet: A Neon Blueberry flavor collaboration with DJ Steve Aoki! This is a smokin’ strong blueberry flavor of ENGN Shred that… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I do know he works out a lot…so good for him.
Shouldn’t the ad for this reference ‘bringing the bass’


They’re going to make a killing, you know how big the edm market is??? Now we just need to get Kenny Chesney supp out there for the Country market


I’ve seen the crowds at EDC in Vegas - so yes it is a pretty big market.

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I’ve seen a lot of bachelorettes in Vegas, the next market?lol


Anyone feel a “strong” Y effect? Label says 40 mg of Yohimbe bark but no mention of standardization for yohimbine %.


@n2ofusion Classic beast. I think the pre is std for 8% yohimbine.


Just added to this post with a bit more information. Turns out Aoki was already an EVLSports user, which makes it even cooler IMHO. He’s got a monster pile of EVL stuff in a few of his videos.

I know next to nothing about EDM but it’s pretty clear he brings the energy and the crowd loves him.


He lives in Vegas and from what I understand does indeed train/lift. Which is always good to hear.