Staunch Whey Isolate Review -Hot Chokkie

Staunch Whey Isolate Review -Hot Chokkie


Here is my quick review of Staunch Whey Isolate in Hot Chokkie flavor. It’s a hot chocolate flavor. It is tasty in water so I can imagine how good it is in milk. Please don’t laugh too hard, Im not in the caliber of price plow with my recording and reviews. I am just a one man shop in my kitchen with an iPhone…LOL
I do recommend giving this whey a try. Below is a link to my YouTube review of it.
Staunch Whey Isolate Review - Hot Chokkie


Hmm. I tasted all the products that they had at the Olympia and wasn’t too impressed :thinking:


A minor pet peeve but there should be a rule against making forum post that just link to videos(ie without a text version) without indication in the title.

This isn’t entirely done here, and the forum does not have allot of it but I’ve seen forums that have most of the post(mainly in guides) just be “Hey check out this video I made”


The post describes that the link is to my review. Its a video I made. I did give a brief description on how I liked it. I tried to find a way to post the video itself on this post and not just the link but I could find a way to do it. It’s pretty simple, if you don’t want to click the link, don’t.


I thought it was pretty decent. I have had much worse chocolate flavored proteins. That’s what makes supplements interesting and that’s how much tastes differ.


Staunch Nutrition? I don’t see them on any stores of ours, let alone Amazon! Who are they?

Also, pro-tip. Check this out:

If you post the video URL on a line all alone, it gets auto-embedded!

So just post this all alone with emtpy lines above and below it

And boom


Cool and Thanks!
So I don’t need to hit one of the icons above a reply box for a download, quote, text, etc?


@Mike Also to answer your question, its a supplement company co-founded by Calum Von Moger, the Australian bodybuilder. I will be doing another review of one of their products. It’s a pre workout called Koala Freak in Pina Koala flavor. I will be using it this week.


Koala freak actually looks pretty good. I can’t believe I haven’t heard of that before. I’m curious to see how you like that!


Yeah, I will try it this morning. I just heard of them recently myself. I liked the whole Australian theme. Seemed unique and the ingredients & dosages looked good.


Certain things can be done automatically. For instance, putting links on their own line with empty lines above and below makes the “OneBox” happen, at least on sites that have meta descriptions:

YouTube URLs auto-embed too.

I’m honestly not 100% sure of all the other automatic features. For quoting, I like to highlight someone’s text and then hit the Quote button right there. Then it populates the quote right into the editor.

Anyway update us on the other stuff they have!


I’m needing to try this one out very soon as well.