Staunch Koala Freak Review (pre-workout)

Staunch Koala Freak Review (pre-workout)


I didn’t do a video this morning when I first tried this product since I was going to the gym. I didn’t want to waste time.LOL
I am trying the new Staunch pre-workout Koala Freak. I got the Pina Koala flavor which is obviously a pina colada flavor. When I opened, I smelled a lot of strawberry. I had to dig for the scoop real hard, it was buried! LOL. It mixed well and smelled like a pina colada. The taste wasn’t bad. I would have preferred a little sweeter but it was good. Definitely tolerable and doesn’t make you do that “yuck” face when drinking some supplements…LOL
As for the effectiveness, I don’t think it was this drink alone but I had a heck of a workout today. I killed my logbook! Everything was up in weights. Had a great workout. The energy was very steady and no jitters or crashes.I hope the picture shows up well.


It’s a very stacked product so I would definitely give this a shot at some point. I feel like the Theanine is a weeeee bit high for my liking, but then again, i’ve never gone over 200mg at one time. I love Calum’s obsession with Koala’s


This one I have had my eye on for sometime now. Did you buy it at a store or online? Looking for some good deals.


I bought it online. I have never seen it at a store.


Great product! Glad to see it getting some attention.


I like it so far. Last week, my lifts were all up, I can’t and won’t say its all because of this pre-workout but Im sure it helped.


I would love to try this too, but I really do not like most of these newer pre workouts that have such high amounts of stims


Yeah, stims seems to be the way the majority of them go. I need the stims since I work out after work and I work 3rd shift. I need the extra kick. :slight_smile:


I wouldn’t say I “need” stims, that’s kind of a strong word. But I’m in a similar boat to you. I guess I’m not technically third shift, my work only has 2 shifts (12 hours each) and I’m on the night one. Anyway, I work out after trying to drag my butt out of bed after working 12 hours and going to sleep after the sun has come up. So I understand your appreciation for stims!


They have a new apple flavor that just came out.