Statement Regarding Lenny and Larry's Complete Cookie Lawsuit

On February 28th, 2017, two Illinois citizens filed a class action lawsuit against Lenny & Larry’s Inc, with allegations of unfair and deceptive practices regarding the sales and marketing of Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookies. The plaintiffs in this suit accuse the famous protein cookie company of false and misleading …
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These cookies always seemed like a scam to me. Dishonest nutritional profile and more hype in marketing than truth. Not sad to see them being sued.

Even if it is true that there is 16g of protein per cookie, I would still eat these sparingly, the sugar content is way high on these (30g per!!?!) and honestly no better than a normal cookie. A EAS Myo complete shake has a whopping 42g of protein and less than 3g of sugar. I would treat these cookies as a normal cheat treat instead of fooling myself that they're healthy, they're not. Most of them taste decent tho.

Please keep the Consumers posted on the outcome! I feel fat and taken advantage of ;) ! In all honestly...If the statements alleged are false or misleading...Lenny and Larry's Company would have provide the facts labs to discredit the claims. The company has a legal obligation to be honest about the nutrimental contents. If they're knowing misleading or lying to consumer they should be buried!

Hey Rob this is my next video to make on the channel. But before I do that, I'm going to see if there are updating filings in the system. Stay tuned within the week!

nah they arent just hype. i hate this person tho cuz that flavor is my favorite!

Sounds like an issue of protein "quality", which Lenny and Larry's never maxe any claim about on their packaging. Also, there is no requirement in regards to protein quality and advertising by the FDA. Quality in this regard can be very subjective and her testing method is not the industry standard nor is it a requirement. She's a bottom feeder looking for a payday.

Based on her standard are we testing protein in all of our foods and drinks?

Legal team still won't release protein lab tests, which sucks. A simple nitrogen test could be very telling regardless of quality.

ive NEVER eaten a whole Larry and Lennys cookie. NEVER! Im very sensitive to sugar and my throat starts to bother me and get dry when there is too much sugar in foods. I take one bite of the cookie and im done. LOL. Im sure it has alot more sugar than they claim. Its one of the worst amount of sugars ive tasted.

It's a cookie. Of course it has high sugar content.