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My Stack of the day:


I was not a big fan of the Island punch Xtend. The sour gummy was awesome though.


Sour Gummy is legit.


Yes I had the sour gummy before. Wanted to try both flavours. Have to admit the sour gummy is far better.

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Will start this in a few days once I run out of Ghost Legend. From left to right, Pre, Intra, Post, and Afternoon! Unsure about Double Tap but delicious flavors all around! Hell I may even get crazy and throw in CelluVol as a true Pre to couple with Double Tap.

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I’m on the road so everything is in ziploc bags…


Pre: Legion Pulse/VasoBlitz (one scoop)
Intra: IntraBlast DragonFruit (I may be in love)
Post: Olympia Labs Frooty Loops or Loop Frooty or whatever that is called.

Next week I’ll be including some SuperCarb packets and WPI both from this new company called NutraBio

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Loopy fruity fruit loop floop?


You and me both on Dragonfruit bro. It was good in pre, okay in intra, but my god BCAA5k flavor is just amazing. Who knew!!

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Apparently it is called Toucan Twist…


Simple yet effective


Woah, how are those pumps? Have you lost your arms yet?


I only use one scoop of VasoBlitz…If I were to use 2 I’d feel a little like Popeye…

(for the kids, he was a cartoon character, not a chicken)


This is my shocked face…LOL :sweat_smile: I guess its the old addage, don’t fix it if its not broken!

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Way too much water lol, taste way better for me at 6oz


I prefer watering down my pre/intra workout beverages. Always have as I sip on them over a prolonged period of time.


I’m with Bob. I use a lot of water…


I got u


There it is

Loved Popeye

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Wasn’t a fan of the Patriots whey C&C, the s’mores one is better imo


I’ve yet to try any of their whey.