Spartan Whey Loopy Fruits & Krunchy Krisp Review

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey Review


Loopy Fruits - This is a cereal spin off of fruit loops. Upon first sip this packs a punch of sweetness. The company was going for the leftover milk in a bowl of fruity loops. While this is true to its name the sweetness may be overbearing for some. Any cereal lovers who want to replicate a cereal into a protein powder would have no time going through a tub of this. I have a vicious sweet tooth, so therefore I would recommend this one, but it is not for everyone.

Krunchy Krisp - This is Spartan’s spin off of a Kit Kat bar. What I thought this reminded me of was Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy ice cream. The reason I say this is the multitude of chocolate flavors you experience when tasting the powder. You are hit with a barrage of milk chocolate, swiss chocolate, and dark chocolate all at once. The density and richness of the flavor really shines for chocolate lovers. If you are looking for more of a basic chocolate go with their chocolate ice cream. If you are a chocolate die hard and want a unique flavor this is worth the investment.


Spartan Whey is a protein blend and mixes very close to other major brands on the market such as PEScience, USP Labs, Metabolic Nutrition, and Dymatize Elite XT, . When mixed in a ninja or shaker cup there were no chunks left after mixing for 10-15 seconds.

When mixed with Greek yogurt it provides a thick pudding consistency. 1-6oz Greek yogurt and 1 scoop of Sparta Whey was incredibly thick and may require extra water to get the desired consistency.

As a Shake:

For a Shake, I did 6oz of Almond / Cashew Milk and 1 Scoop of Protein. After 10 seconds on a blender or blender bottle, it was totally dissolved. Even when the powder started to touch the liquid it started to mix. You may need 8oz if you do not want a thicker shake due to the casein and makeup of the formula.

As Protein Pudding:

Since this is a blended protein it does mix thick when added to yogurt. My standard go-to sludge/protein powder is 1 scoop of whey to 6oz of plain Greek yogurt. Due to blend, this may mix perfectly with a regular yogurt, but with Greek yogurt being thicker in texture you may have to add additional liquid.


1g Fat

2g Carb

25g Protein

Spartan Whey provides a very macro friendly option for a protein powder. The best part about they protein is a fully transparent label. Not only do you get a full amino acid profile, but they also indicate how much WPI, but WPC and Casein are also in each scoop. This is becoming a trend in the industry with labels opening up and companies not hiding being proprietary blends. From their webpage: Spartan Whey is the next generation of what a protein powder can be, with a disclosed label, incredible taste, and revolutionary protein blend.

[color=blue] Cost [/color]

~$28-39.99/2lb Tub

~ $46-65/5lb Tub

The 5lb option is the better buy at $10/lb (when on sale), but that is for the original flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruity Loops, Cookies & Cream, and Blueberry Muffin). The 2lb option includes all the new flavors (Jacked Apples, Krunchy Krisp, Peanut Butter Cups, Cinna Crunch). Given the fact Spartan Whey provides a fully open-label, a great tasting product, and a very macro friendly protein powder blend I would not think twice about ordering more. Keep your eyes out for deals as I see this 20-30 % off every now and then. This would make them very affordable especially the 5lb option.

Ranking of Flavors (I have tried)

  1. Cinna Crunch

  2. PB Cups

  3. Krunchy Krisp

  4. Loopy Fruits

  5. Blueberry Muffin