Spartan Whey Jacked Apples

Spartan Whey Jacked Apples


Well, I finally tried it yesterday. I have to say I am disappointed. Flavor was way off from the Apple Jacks cereal that I was expecting. Not that sweet and not even close to the same flavor. When I smelled the product in the tub it had a weird smell, not bad but not pleasant. It smelled better in water. The taste wasn’t terrible but I was not impressed. Definitely would not buy again. My track record is about 60-70% of these supplements not tasting like they are supposed to. Not good.


I wasn’t a fan either. It tastes more like apples than a cereal to me.


I had high hopes too because Spartan Kraken cola flavored pre workout actually tasted like cola. So I was hoping for something similar in taste but it failed…:frowning:


I imagine it’s very difficult to flavor any type of supplement - and once you go down the path of describing a flavor as a type of food that people love - you had better be ‘on point’ as the kids say.


Exactly! If you make names like the actual product, it better bring the taste but unfortunately the majority don’t.


Nooooooo say it ain’t so. I am glad I was as hesitant as I was to pull the trigger on this flavor. I as well as many others have to applaud you, @Brawn, for taking the plunge for us and posting your thoughts. Obviously everyone’s taste buds are different, but I know for sure this is a flavor I won’t go near.

I guess it’s worth saying, but do you ever have a shake with milk/almond milk? Maybe that’s where the flavor will shine?


I will try it in milk next. I used water this first round.


Since you are adding it to milk might as well throw in a scoop of Apple Jacks…


Grab cinnamon and Pb cups for Sparta
Those are the plays

The krispy krunch gets good feedback too


Now you tell me…lol


So I have to insert my opinion here. This isn’t a bad flavor at all. I never go into any supplement, especially a protein, and expect it to taste spot on, ever. This is by no means a bad flavor at all, you just sound let down because your expectations were so high. Zero expectations=zero disappointment


Agree. Brawn, I know you place a ton of value on the taste of a product, but you gotta realize they’re working with dehydrated cheese juice. Very rarely will a flavor truly taste like a dessert or its real world counterpart, you gotta accept stuff for what it is.

If the dehydrated cheese juice even tastes quite good, the company has worked a miracle, imo.


I have posted in a few threads that Cinnamon and PB Got the best feedback, but mine are coming in next week which I will YT Video review (due to being sold out 4 times in 4 weeks)
I could of also got you them for 35% off a few weeks ago!

The only Apple Jack3d I tried was MSI and it was fantastic. Sparta seemed to be hit or miss on their OG Flavors (Blueberry especially) the new ones seem to be good. Loopy Fruit I heard is very sweet but you have to expect that.


Yeah, but I have real good tasting whey so my thought is if one company can do it, all companies should be able do it. Dymatize, MTS come to mind about knowing how flavoring is done.


MSI, Ghost, Merica Labz, XF 2.0 are all great companies that flavor whey as well.
Judging a company off one flavor is a a steep comment. Some flavors are vastly different from consumer to consumer. Hence why most companies make such a variety to find what you like best.

Some people hate fruity loops cause its too sweet, while others praise it because they enjoy sweeter things. Maybe Jacked Apples from them is not your flavor, and you will find others that suit you