Spartan Whey Cinna Crunch & PB Cups Review

Sparta Nutrition Spartan Whey Review


Cinna Crunch – Cinna Crunch is a spin-off Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. The initial flavoring is heavy in cinnamon. In the aftertaste, you get a bold sugary aspect that resembles a condensed milk of leftover cereal. The combination of cinnamon and sugar gives this a unique twist of a childhood favorite cereal. The biggest difference is the density of the flavor compared to others on the market. With how rich this flavor is it truly hits your taste buds hard and is delicious.

Peanut Butter Cups –Sparta separates from the market due to the density of the peanut butter and how long it lingers on your taste buds. Many companies provide a light peanut butter flavor that fades quickly, but that is not the case here. If I were to break down the ratio of peanut butter to chocolate it would be 60/40 in favor of peanut butter. The salty aspect enhances both flavors and the creaminess of both flavors in the mouthfeel is on point. While there is a ton of peanut butter and chocolate flavors on the market this one hits the nail on the head. The creamy peanut butter meets a luscious chocolate and gives you a great replica of a peanut butter cup.


Spartan Whey is a protein blend and mixes very close to other major brands on the market such as PES, USP Labs, Metabolic Nutrition, and Dymatize Elite XT. When mixed in a ninja or shaker cup there were no chunks left after mixing for 10-15 seconds.

When mixed with Greek yogurt it provides a thick and dense pudding. 1-6oz Greek yogurt and 1 scoop of Sparta Whey made a great pudding-like consistency.

As a Shake:

For a Shake, I did 4-6oz of Almond / Cashew Milk and 1 Scoop of Protein. After 10 seconds on a blender or blender bottle, it was totally dissolved. Even when the powder started to touch the liquid it started to mix. The powder is very light in texture but packs a huge aroma. It should not take more then 10-15 shakes if you are on the go and need to utilize a water fountain.

As Protein Pudding:

Since this is a blended protein it does mix thick when added to yogurt. My standard go-to sludge/protein powder is 1 scoop of whey to 6oz of plain Greek yogurt. I had to add a touch of water to get the correct consistency. Due to blend this may mix perfect with a regular yogurt, but with Greek yogurt being thicker in texture you may have to add additional liquid.


1g Fat

2-3g Carb

25-36g Protein

Spartan Whey provides a very macro friendly option for a protein powder. The best part about they protein is a fully transparent label. Not only do you get a full amino acid profile, they also indicate how much WPI, WPC and Casein are in each scoop. This is becoming a trend in the industry with labels opening up and companies not hiding being proprietary blends. From their webpage: Spartan Whey is the next generation of what a protein powder can be, with a disclosed label, incredible taste, and revolutionary protein blend.


$28-38/2lb Tub

$48-55/5lb Tub

The 5lb option is the better buy at $10/lb, but that is for the original flavors (Vanilla, Chocolate, Fruity Loops, Cookies & Cream, and Blueberry Muffin). The 2lb option includes all the new flavors (Jacked Apples, Kunchy Krisp, Peanut Butter Cups, Cinna Crunch). Given the fact Spartan Whey provides a fully open label, a great tasting product, and a very macro friendly protein powder blend I would not think twice about ordering more. I would not hesitate to venture into the other flavors on their line based off my experience. Keep your eyes out for deals as I see these 20-30% off often. This would make them very affordable especially the 5lb option.


Finally, but what’s up with the Kunchy Krisp?

We sold out 4 times of Sparta products on our page, that is why mine came so late. Customers come first. These are the only 2 tubs I got. We are currently sold out awaiting re-stock.

Yea, I missed the intro deal. Got sold out quick

Order from A1 Supplements. They have it and you will get it fast!

I get all my shipments 24-48 hours and got it 30% off (last sale we had before sold out). I will pay $28 instead of $40 a tub @ A1. No thanks

Do all of the Spartan Whey flavors have add-ins, like little cookie or cereal bits?

No they do not , none in cinnamon or PB and I know none in the apple. I’ve had a lot of customers buy the krispy but I am not 100% sure on mix ins (I don’t think so)

Needless to say the PB and Cinnamon are among the best of those flavors I have ever had. The density of how rich the flavors are is on point

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No mixi-ins on the Krisp, I can confirm that .


I knew you bought a tub or two thanks for chiming in!

Damn, that’s high praise from Bob K. Lemme know next time they’re having a sale, probably black Friday?

There is one right now 30% off. the best prices for them online.
Check out my CPBob.Com Deal thread here:

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Coupon Code: SPARTA30

My Email for any questions, invoices, and order #'s is:

let me know if there any questions


Kraken - $31
Kraken Black - $28
Kraken Pump - $24

Inferno: ~$24
BCAA - $24

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