Sparta Nutrition Keto Pre Extreme: Ketogenic Pre Workout Fuel

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Sparta Nutrition Keto Pre Extreme is the ideal pre workout for keto endurance athletes looking to push harder and longer than ever. If you’ve been paying attention this opening month of 2018, you’ve noticed that Sparta Nutrition is launching an entire arsenal of ketogenic supplements. We’ve covered them all from… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

I have to wonder why companies don’t use nitrates more often, they would work much better then the citruline for this type of product.

Just a strong guess, but likely patents, and probably that Sparta uses said patent-holder’s arch-nemesis for their manufacturing??

Are nitrates themselves patented for supplements or just amino acid bound nitrates?

I don’t think beet root nitrates are patented, so they should be able to include that. I think. I don’t really know how all this stuff works though.

Not completely sure, @De_eB would know.

But come to think of it, potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate (if they could be used together?) could be great for a keto supplement because both of those electrolytes are low in the keto diet (here and here).

Pretty sure that patent was recently shut down by the Hi-Tech law team

I agree on nitrates being the overall best supplement for pumps.

Heard that too but haven’t been able to find anything about it.

Really more brands should use them, they don’t cost much, don’t take up much space and can turn even bad preworkouts into decent ones,

My guess is that the well known bullshit lawsuits by Kramer in the past keeps some companies from using. Or they just don’t know how good they actually are.

In short why thermolife is on my shitlist.

Hi-Tech likes to put out press releases for every motion they file and claim they’re winning that lawsuit.

But they aren’t.

The USPTO ruled in favor of Thermoife on the Re-Exam of every single nitrate patent they own, and additionally approved all of their most recent nitrate related patent applications.

As a result, all of the lawsuits that were stayed pending re-exam were reactivated last fall and will be fought out over the course of this year.

The only Thermolife patents that got tossed were the ones they purchases exclusive licenses of from university research departments that were improperly given those patents in the first place (these were all non-nitrate compounds)

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Well fuk me. That sucks, both the bullshit releases and the nitrate patents.

Why do patents suck?

He pretty openly licenses them to people who haven’t fucked him over in the past.

I like how half the industry just sort of thinks they can decide what rules don’t apply to them.

CGMP? Fuck that, authenticating our products is too much work, we’ll just cry about overbearing government and not do it.

Patents? Fuck that, who cares if it was someone else’s idea, lets just copy it and use poorly QC’d chinese ingredients. Then not only can we steal from the patent holder, we can damage the reputation of the ingredient in people’s minds because we used shitty product.

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Good thing I am not in this industry. I don’t buy from 3/4 of these overnight scam companies.

I dislike the fact that we don’t see many pre workouts with nitrates barring select few. However they’re one of the most effective compounds. If he openly licenses them, why don’t we see them more? I guess everyone’s fucks each other over in this industry then.

Lots of the companies that actually pay for branded ingredients do use nitrates.

I don’t know of many. Used ones like Quake, High Volume, Hemavo2 but nothing else that looked any good.

I sit on both sides of the fence here and take it case by case.

The patents that were invalidated were for freaking L-arginine from forever ago, which seemed downright absurd to me, but the legal system did work in the end (although many didn’t have the luxury to fight and just paid the piper).

But I also do recognize the fact that when Ron put out nitrates, everyone was taking verbal dumps all over him in the BBcom forums, telling him they were worthless, deadly, explosive, you name it. Turns out that he was right and they were wrong - the stuff works and won’t kill you so long as you don’t mix it with Cialis!

He took business risk and for some of those compounds does deserve some number of years of exclusivity in my mind.

But back to the original question for @De_eB, what specifically is patented? The amino acid nitrates? What about stuff like potassium nitrate and sodium nitrate? Those are the ones I’d think a keto dieter would be most interested in anyway.

My opposition to patents is two fold

One the concept of owning an idea anyone could have come up with because you came up with it first and had the money to patent it is in my opinion stupid, I can understand it in cases where the idea required allot of research and work to come up with but that largely doesn’t happen much now a days.

Two Is that they stifle innovation and better products by locking off features or ideas to people who own the patents, which inevitably pools into a few large companies. I want the market to be who makes the best product, not who owns the best patents.

I can see some of the arguments in favor of them, but I think there is already plenty of incentive to innovate without having the ability to claim ownership of the idea.

That’s not even getting into to the ridiculousness of things like gene patents, where sections of the human genome were blocked off from being researched until a fucking supreme court case was needed to rule that they were invalid.

Or oil companies buying them up and just sitting on them to prevent renewable energy from competing.

Maybe if they lasted for something like 2-5 years I would be more forgiving of them but the current 17-20 years makes the problems with them really shine. That and the problems with the legal system.

(As for the rest of it I agree and don’t really have anything to add)

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I just hate that patented stuff is more expensive. But I’m kinda broke.

On the topic of a suitable pump ingrediant when on Keto, I was just wondering if glycerol will take you out of ketosis? I’ll presume it would but been reading mixed opinions online.

Been looking at pump formulas and hard press to find any that doesnt contain either some form of citrulline, arginine or glycerol, but if glycerol doesn’t take you out of ketosis then you could stack for example Vasomax with a stim product or fat burner like Fitmax when on keto? OR even just have Sidewalk Kraka or Big Noise.

Also in terms of nitrate based pump supps (without Cit, Arg or Glyercol) I found some that seem suitable/OK but not great like Cellucors CN3 (if its still around?), Insane Labz - Insane Veinz, CTD sports NO Nitro, or Giant sports - Giant Pump and theres one in the UK by dedicated nutrition called Vaso Grow V2 (though that has 500mg of citrulline nitrate but doubt that will take you out of ketosis) or a pre workout like Purus Labs Condense? Or maybe a vaso6 product like olympus labs Ep1logue.

But not sure if they would give the same level pump or endurance that I feel I get off a massive dose of Citrulline Malate.