Sparta Nutrition HydraShred: High-Energy Fat Loss

Weight loss aids are the most crowded segment of the supplement market. Every brand has a fat burner on the market, the segment is rife with TV doctor scams, and most companies even have two or more fat burners nowadays! So, how’s a company supposed to make any inroads in …
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It sounds like the total caffeine, even at the 2 scoop serving size is closer to 150mg. Earlier in the article you said that Sparta told you it's 300. Is there an issue with the label you have posted? You should probably double check on that, as it also shows DMHA content as 75mg for one scoop, as well as 75mg for 2 scoops. Doesn't quite add up ;)

Finally this product landed on my lap from a Buy 1 get 1 free that was on for $30.
I was curious how to use it since the label didnt mention how much water for one scoop. Did some digging into some of the Sparta Videos on Insta and they said 8oz of water per scoop. The flavor was interesting mine was the cold brew coffee(which my the way is really good if you follow the recipe of mixing 1 scoop 1 cup water 1 cup crewed coffee plus cream/sweetener* thats like 600mg of caffeine). 4 hours after drinking this I played a pick up game not much running. I was sweating like I was in a sauna in 35 degree weather. This stuff is good!!! High energy/good focus and not feeling tired. Curious to see how much weight/ BF% i can drop in 3 weeks of use with two 1 hr long cardio days

Keep us up to date, I’ve actually been curious about this. My main issue with it, I suppose, is that it’s a whole lot of “feel good” ingredients with the actual fatburning ingredients seemingly taking a bit of a back seat, but that’s almost universally the case lately, so I’m not trashing Sparta for it.

I’m sure you’re as aware as most of us, a majority of consumers want a good feel out of a supplement more than actual effective ingredients. I won’t even begin to speculate as to why though!

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Just used a sample of this today for leg day. Holy moly at the thermogenic effects, I was sweating like crazy the whole time. I’m guessing the GoP were responsible for this.

How high of a Grains Of Paradise dose is pretty solid?

Human studies used 40mg doses and showed benefits with BAT activation and cold therapy. Then there was the all female one that used 30mg total. 40-120mg should be the sweet spot.


Im using one scoop(half the serving) and GoP is at about 25 mg you have to add the second scoop to it the 50 (really dont need it) … I noticed the labeling of the product is really off and Sparta hasnt fixed it. The DHMA reads 75mg on scoop 1 and 2 which should be 150 mg … Im going to bump up and go the full serving. Note I’ve been getting insomnia some nights from having too much energy. Im going to stop the preworkouts and only use this.

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We’ve talked to them about this as well as several other “issues” with the labeling on HydraShred and it will be fixed when they launch the new version soon.


There’s a new version coming already?? Didn’t they just release the product a couple months ago?

back in the summer if I remember correctly. but with the impending ban on DMHA looking inevitable, they’re moving away from DMHA in the new formula.


Thanks for the update Rob… i pray they dont add Yohimbine