SNS VasoForce XT Review

SNS VasoForce XT Review

SNS Vasoforce XT


Per 4 Caps

1500mg GlycerPump (Improve intra-cellular hydration + Pump)

600mg Vaso6 (Enhance Bloodflow, improve glucose uptake, improve Muscle Protein Synthesis)

500mg Agmatine (Nutrient Partitioning + Pump)

50mg S7 (Improve Nitric Oxide by up to 230%)

50mg Astragin (Improve amino acid & nutrient uptake)


** Training Fed or Fasted indicated in the situations below **

Sample 1 & 2 – Non Stim

Sample 1 – Fasted upon waking

** This was a chest/shoulder/tricep (Push) Workout. Training with no stims does not bug me, but I did not notice a massive pump. Granted sodium, water, and carbs are all low in this situation that plays a major factor. I did feel my muscles tighten up a bit, but nothing too extreme to note. Even after my workout, my pump stayed with me for 20-30 minute stretch but soon faded afterward. All in All this was a trial just to test the product in this condition and see how I would respond.

Sample 2 – Pre-workout after 50g carbs (meal 90 before, VaosForce XT dose 15 minutes before workout)

Compared to training without food, this was a world of difference. The biggest changes were having two whole food meals, a gallon of water, and added sea salt to both meals. I trained the same bodyparts just to see how much of a difference the sole addition of food was. The pump came on in the warm-up sets just trying to get my muscles firing. When moving into my working sets I could feel my skin harden and stay pumped throughout the entire workout session. Moving onto shoulders and triceps I like to use higher reps to warm-up before intensity-based sets or top sets. I could tell moving into the working set the muscle was primed, full of blood, and made the exercise and mind-muscle connection much greater. Overall even after my workout, the pump lasted well into the 30-45 minute mark when I got home, showered, and then began to have my post-wrokout meal.

Sample 3 – Vasoforce XT + Nootropic/Low Stim (1 Scoop Fuel)

** Training was fed with 50g of carbs 90 minutes prior to the workout, Vasoforce XT and Stim taken 15 minutes prior to training **

Fuel is an energy product, so I do not expect the additions to make a drastic difference in the pump. I wanted to test with multiple different stimulated options to give this a different scenario for how other trainees may utilize the product. For this session, it was very similar to my last training session where I just used Vasoforce XT and trained fed. I trained back on this workout, and while it is a lagging bodypart I usually go a little harder with warm-ups and mind-muscle connection activation exercises before moving into my workout. I try to do a few 20-30 rep sets just to get the muscles firing. Then I focus on keeping my forearms, shoulders, and back all relaxed to keep the sole focus on scapula retraction. After a few sets of rows, the pump came on just like my last push workout. Back is a body part where I struggle with the mind-muscle connection I kept my weights lower and placed the intention on the form. Doing this I did feel my lats stay tight much longer. I found doing high rep hyperextensions was absolutely brutal on my low back, and it felt like I had a low back pump for an hour after my workout. I highly do not suggest doing this if you will be sitting in your car for quite some time.

Sample 4 – Vasoforce XT + Energy Drink (C4 Carbonated)

50g carbs 90 minute’s prior

C4 Can 20 minute’s prior

Just like with Sample #3 an energy drink is nothing to write home about as far as overlapping with the non-stim pump agent Vasoforce Xt. Granted there are Citrulline and Betaine, but nothing to make a massive difference. This was another back day, which was a similar setup to the previous one with Fuel. My workout contained 8 top sets, and a lot of feeder sets working up to those high-intensity movements or straight sets. I started with pulldowns (kneeling on the ground) to restrict momentum and focus on pure scapula retraction and elbow drive. After 2 warm-ups I could feel my lats entirely engaged. When I moved onto low rows my whole back was just about light up, which is very rare for me. This kicked in super quick and I don’t know if it was the exercise sequence or I am just getting better with mind-muscle connection and proper form. I finished my workout with hammer strength low rows where I focus on leaning into the pad, and using my legs to squeeze the bench so I am locked into the movement and eliminate any momentum. Just doing my first warmup I could feel my low lats on fire. There was some carry over to my forearm and bicep, which was a welcoming surprise.

Sample 5 – Vasoforce XT + 1 Scoop FullBlitz

** Fasted – Dosed 15 minutes prior **

I chose to do this workout fasted for the sole reason FullBlitz does have a lot of pump agents included in it, and I wanted to see how much of a pump I could get with this combination. I decided to use this for a pure arm day and just push as much blood and volume into them as possible and see what the supplement had to offer. I decided to do 3 supersets for biceps and triceps. The first I did with EZ Bar Curls and Weighted Dips. By the time I hit my topset I could feel the pump flaring up on my arms, not as quick as when I was fed, but much faster then my very first fasted session. For the second exercise, I decided to do reverse cable curls (focusing on speed), and DB Hammer Curls (Seated) to focus on supinating my pinkies inward to engage my biceps. I finished the workout with 2 sets of 21’s for biceps and lying DB Skullcrushers. By the time I started both of these exercises my arms were full of blood and I had some great vascularity in the mirror. I was pleased with training fasted how well this hit me, and even the pump did stay steady for a good 30 minutes post-workout. For being fasted I will take it

Overall Thoughts

A well-dosed capsule product that is rare on the market. Depending on how you react to Vaso6 and S7 will be the major difference from person to person. I thrive off Nitrates and Citrulline, which can be easily stacked with this product. Luckily you can Citrulline in bulk from SNS to add into this mix if you know you respond well to it. Given there are other non-stims out there you can stack this with another one (Such as Vasoblitz or Ghost Pump) to get additional Citrulline, & Nitrates. Overall since I favor two other main ingredients for pump it wasn’t as potent as some of the other things I have tried on the market, but that just goes to show how it will vary from person to person. I enjoyed the 5-serving run, and would suggest this to anyone to give a go since SNS makes quality products.