First and foremost I’d like to thank @SNSJS and the SNS team for the opportunity to log the product. Always appreciate companies that stand behind their products and support the community by sending them out to us to log on their dime.

For those of you not familiar with Vaso6, it’s a pump ingredient which claims to increase pumps, vascularity and blood flow. All of which aim to increase your endurance and performance.

Day 1:
Pre Workout: One scoop of Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka, One Capsule of SNS Vaso6

So I decided to stack this with Sidewalk Kraka, because of all the pre’s I currently have it has the least amount of pump ingredients( Agmatine and Hydromax).

Effects: I worked out biceps and chest today and definitely noticed an improvement in endurance and performance. I was able to power through my sets and shorten my rest periods. Had to throw in an extra 10 minutes to my cardio🤢 routine because I just didn’t feel worn out. Blood flow and vascularity were very noticeable as well. Pump on the other hand was very mild, didn’t feel much difference to be honest.

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Day 2:
So I took 5 days of the gym due to a cruise vacation. If you’ve been a cruise before, you know the majority of the time is spent drinking and overeating. Let’s just say I definitely enjoyed myself, but am back tanned and ready to pay for my sins.

Pre Workout: One scoop of Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka, One Capsule of SNS Vaso6

This time I hit triceps and back. After taking almost a week off I was expecting to see a drop in strength and endurance, but honestly didnt notice much difference. Strength was the same, endurance effects weren’t as great as day 1(most likely do to the time off), but we’re still noticeable. This time I did get a better pump from it, not sure why, but again nothing drastic or whatever other marketing jargon. Vascularity was again great, so far happy with that along with the endurance effects.

The only thing that hasn’t wowed yet, are the pumps. I might take two capsules to see if I notice an improvement, before I try it with another pre workout.

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Generally you don’t need more than 300mg for a solid pump. I’ve used up to 500mg but never double the dose. Try with a dose of L-Citrulline and you might like it quite a bit more

Don’t forget to take into account that when you take high stimulants, they will work against you in terms of getting a pump. I get the best pumps from VASO-6 when it’s combined with moderate stims, and nothing exotic (no DMAA/DMHA/Amp Citrate)


Excellent point…

Little late but in for this log. Cool product and nice of them to send some out to log! I’m a fan of VASO6.

Great point here, that should be communicated more. Does the average consumer understand that some of these exotic stims act as vasoconstrictors? I’d say most probably don’t.

My plan is to try this with exotic stims, mild stims and stim free pre’s to see what dosage works best.

Next up is two caps with the Kraka

110% recommend stacked with NB Pre

Out of Nutrabio Pre, so will try it with Hypermax. Btw @Kon_Rock you guys ever coming out with Blue Raspberry for the Pre Extreme?

Also, your web dev was slacking today


Day 3:
Pre Workout: One scoop of Iron Addicts Sidewalk Kraka, Two Capsules of SNS Vaso6

Bumped up the dosage to two caps to see if I noticed a difference in muscle pumps/fullness and there was a slight increase in that department, but not a big enough increase to warrant the extra capsule and cost. At this point I’m throwing in the towel on the Kraka/ Vaso6 combo, as it’s not ideal one imo. Going to try it with a non exotic stim pre next and see if that works better.

Day 4:
Pre Workout: One scoop of Performax Hypermax, One Capsules of SNS Vaso6

So at the suggestion of @Anthony I decided to take the Vaso6 with a pre with a good dose of L-Citrulline. Hypermax comes in at 6g, and based on previous experience it delivers in the pump department. Well, @Anthony advice was on point. This is an awesome combination, noticeable improvement in vascularity and endurance and the pumps/fullness were fantastic. Really enjoyed the performance boost and would definitely recommend this stack. Effects are still noticeable hours after I left the gym.


Hell yeah, as awesome as Vaso-6 is, I really feel like it’s a complement ingredient with other standard pump ingredients. I’ve never tried stacking it with high doses of water pump materials like GMS/HydroMax/GlycerPump and Taurine. Let me know any experience you have with that!

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It works very well stacked with those ingredients. I just flat out love the ingredient

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Would you stack this with other pump products? Overkill right?

It depends on the profile I guess, I just took it with 6 Grams of L-Citrulline and 1 Gram of Agamatine and felt it made that combo better. Was thinking about trying it with Mega Pre next

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Hey man, I see this as “IN STOCK” In the PRE and PRE Extreme?!

Is that our site???

We have been getting a good amount request to make PRE Extreme in Blue Raspberry, so we will see. But right now we have a special product coming out…announced at the O :shushing_face:

Also if you order off our site, hit me up and I’ll get you a discount code :wink:


Wouldn’t that be taking away from the log though, as it would skewer the overall view of the individual ingredient? I’m actually starting my log for their Focus XT today. Work has been literal hell the past couple of weeks so I have not had the chance to get around to it yet…working sun up to sun down, with only the gym/sleep being my getaway

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As you mentioned before, I think this is an ingredient that’s meant to be stacked. My goal is that find out how best to incorporate it and asses if it’s worth the asking price in exchange for the performance benefits.

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Day 5 & 6
Pre Workout: One scoop of Performax Hypermax, One Capsules of SNS Vaso6

It’s been a rough couple of days with the kiddo, so have been making it to the gym sleep deprived. Either way this combo for me is a winner. Vaso6 plays very well with the Hypermax formula.

Been slacking on this, girls maternity leave just ended, so time is very limited.

Since my last post I decided to try this again with another exotic stims pre ( Old Kraken) and non exotic sim (PeCre XS). When stacking with Kraken I did see a slight bump in pump/vascularity and endurance. It stacked better with Kraken than Kraka, but I still think the vasoconstriction from the exotic stims limits its effectiveness.

With the PreCre XS the improvement effects were a lot more pronounced. The pump was amazing and it took the experience with this pre workout to another level for me. The Precre formula does have carbs in it, which is why I think it works so well with Vaso6