SNS Thermagize XT Sample Review

Thanks to the guys at Serious Nutrition Solutions for the SNS Thermagize XT samples. I got six capsules to try out.


Here’s the profile.

Here’s a little bit about myself. I am 38 and have been lifting since I was a teenager. I am no stranger to high stim PWOs but shy away from anything that has Yohimbe or AY. Yohimbe has the harsher side effects. But I normally experience some unwanted effects from AY as well. I usually like my PWO to have 300mg caffeine with some bonus stims or noots. I read some reviews and saw that users weren’t experiencing any side effects from the AY (Rauwolscine). So I looked at the profile and really wanted to try it. I had never had Dynamine and really like Higenamine and Hordenine.

So let me tell you that this is about as close as it gets to an ALL day energy supplement. The first two times I used this was first thing in the morning and I did not need ANY stims the rest of the day. The first day I did legs/back followed by power washing my deck and push mowing my lawn. On the weekends I’m normally dying for some more stims by 1:00 to keep up with my family and house chores. Yeah, that didn’t happen this Sunday. On workdays, I lift first thing in the morning and usually have a post lunch or late afternoon crash where I get a cup of coffee to pep me back up for my family in the evening. Yeah, that didn’t happen either. From my experiences, I would never take this any other time but in the morning, otherwise you have a good chance of having your sleep effected. The directions say you can take this twice in one day. I would have to increase my stim tolerance, specifically AY tolerance, to even consider taking this 2x a day.

Since it is a capsule, it doesn’t hit you as fast as a powder. It takes a full 45 minutes for the effects to kick. And when it does, BUCKLE up for the next 2 hours. It hits pretty hard. If you think you are sensitive to stims but still want to try it out, I would suggest taking your first dose with food. It shouldn’t hit you as hard like this. So SNS wasn’t messing around with Thermagize XT. You will not find any Theanine to smooth anything out. Shortly after ingesting, you may have a fiery burp. That’s the Capsimax and that happened to me. Being sensitive to AY, I still feel my breathing to get a little labored while working out. This is why I wouldn’t recommend any high intensity training after taking this. But I did not experience the anxiety and uncomfortable chest feeling that I sometimes get from Yohimbe. Breathing was somewhat uncomfortable when I was doing some hard deadlift sets. Another thing that you notice is SWEAT. Your armpits will be wet at that 45 minute mark. And your body will stay warm for a few hours after too. These effects are from the AY. You will also notice some decent appetite suppression. The best appetite suppression I’ve experienced is from the OG RXS Radiate. Appetite was completely gone with this. Thermagize XT is good but not that good. The Y in Radiate was just too much for me however. I’ve had Theacrine before in another supplement and have experienced it’s lasting energy before. Thermagize XT takes this to another level. Getting to work, I was still pretty wired. After those 2 hours, the come down is very slow, almost unnoticeable. I never experienced any kind of crash. I’m on the fence about the focus. Since it hits really hard at first, the energy overpowers the focus for me. After you start to come down after those first 2 hours, you can appreciate the focus more. It was really good for me late morning at work and really for most of the workday!

Overall, I am very impressed with Thermagize XT. This is NOT something I would take daily. I would use it as an energy supplement on the weekends to run around with the family or during the last month of a cut where I needed that extra motivation to keep going. Users that love Yohimbe/AY will absolutely LOVE Thermagize XT. Myself, I’ll reserve it for special occasions. Thanks again to SNS! You guys put out some awesome supplements!


I am glad you liked it!!


nice detailed review


Extremely well detailed my man!


Yesterday I used a capsule in a different situation so I thought I leave some more thoughts. I went to an amusement park with the fam. I found Thermagize XT to be very enjoyable in this setting. The prior night I had a large meal so I wouldn’t wake up hungry and would be able to sleep in (relatively). My plan was to hopefully fast until lunch. I took the capsule at 8:45 right before we left. At about 9:15 I was getting pretty hungry. I felt the effects kick in at 9:30. I got a pretty good mood boost from it for the next 2 hours. My appetite disappeared for a good hour - it started to back just before 11. Luckily everyone was ready for an early lunch around 11:30. I did not notice any additional sweating as we were already outside in the sun. The energy didn’t last as long as before since we were walking around all day in the sun. The effects lasted a good 6 hours but the strength started to wane after about 3-4 hours. I did start sipping on a lightly caffeinated beverage at around 1:30.

So I’d like to say that I underestimated the appetite control effects. This would definitely help you if you are IF. The appetite control effects are much more pronounced when you take it in a non-exercising situation.

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