SNS Site Wide Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are doing a site wide 30% off sale.

Code: Thanksgiving

For even better deals, we are adding a variety of stacks to the site that will already offer discounted savings on them below the normal per unit pricing AND the discount code will still apply on those as well.

Don’t Wait - Some Supplies are Limited!

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Shame the X-gels are out of stock, I would have gotten them at that price.

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I’ve used multiple GDAs, and I think GlycoPhase is my favorite. I was leaner when I took it, so that probably played a huge role in my insulin sensitivity and ability to see fuller glycogen stores (muscles pressing tight against skin).

Either way, this is my GDA if choice based on experience.

@SNSJS tell Steve this is his plug! Haha


You and many others. Sometimes I think it’s convenient

Damn shame.

I emailed the boss about this and waiting for response.


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How was the soreness for you guys on this? Ran them one time and it’s was definitely noticeable

I haven’t tried it before, but I do want to.

Yea, this would be the time. Unfortunately, anytime SNS has a sale, they’re out of stock

I spoke with the boss about Xgels. Unfortunately looks like they are unavailable until 2019. As soon as they do come in, I will make a post and I will offer some sort of discount code.

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Thank you!

@Msseffect Same deal, haven’t tried it before but have the run all planned out and just need the right deal.

@SNSJS Very nice!

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Check your PM’s

Got my order in will be trying this tomorrow

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