SNS reviews from members who ran XGels

SNS reviews from members who ran XGels

We are looking for honest feed back for those of you who have used Xgels.


Interested to see what results or effects people have received from this supplement.


Oh this should be interesting! I have never run these myself, so curious how these work for people!


I recall someone running this here back in the day that struggled with the DOM’s it brought. Might have to try it out, since I never get DOM’s regularly, it may work better for me

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I think that was @blongo804


Could’ve been me, yes.

I got I believe 5 weeks in and called it quits. I don’t normally experience DOMS, but these were pretty painful at times to the point I think they were hurting my training sessions. Very intense!


Did you have DOM’s regularly before starting them


At the time of using X-Gels, I did not regularly experience DOMS.


That substance sounds very familiar to me…

I don’t usually experience DOMS, but that is an interesting supplement.


Gotcha. I know several people who have DOM’s regularly from working out. This product would probably get pretty painful for them in that case if you didn’t have them previous and it caused them

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I may suggest scaling back the workout in that case. If you are sore after every workout you are either dehydrated or doing it wrong. Sorry to offend the ‘bros’ but sore does not equal accomplishment…


Yeah I agree. If DOMS are regular already, they might get painful pretty quick with X-Gels.


True, unless training specifically eccentrically. It’s likely their diet not being quite what it should be. Seems to be mostly novice lifters. I generally only get DOMs in the legs and sometimes lats depending on intensity


Just find it interesting how many people believe that ‘getting sore’ is the goal…Crazy stuff.


That was my mindset before good old Jeff Cavaliere set me straight !


Jeff C as well as Joe DeFranco and others…


God bless the Information Age. Having the ability to simply google info like this is something taken for granted

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