SNS Joint Support XT . Gonna Give this baby a log

SNS Joint Support XT . Gonna Give this baby a log


First off wanna give a shout out to @SNSJS and @SNS for giving me the chance to run a log on their new Joint Support XT. They hooked me up with a full size product free of charge. Thats the Best Part ! LOL Looked over the ingredients and impressed so far, not only the ingredients impress me but they’re capsules and not horse pills like others I’ve tried.

Enclosed a couple pics of what I had been using and what @SNS sent my way for comparison

even compare ingredients if you want.

Now for a little background on the Lab Rat (me) I’m 53 years old had Micro Fracture repair on right knee in 2009 . 2011 Broke lower right leg , shattered ankle tore all tendons and ligaments loose required 4 surgeries to repair all damage also implanted 2 plates and 3 screws to hold ankle in place. Have bone fragments in right elbow since High School and left shoulder prone to dislocate itself for no reason. As the old saying goes " If I knew I was gonna live this long ! I’d took better care of myself ! "

Work as a Deputy and K9 Handler and have been doing so for 19 years now. Lift daily and currently doing the AR-7 workout lift 5 days a week and do cardio 1 day. Cardio consists of Low Impact , Swimming, biking, elipticle also run on dirt.

Have’nt used prior joint supplement for 3 months now and not taking any joint supplements. So think this should be a fair log.
Started with 2 capsules this evening and going to do 2 in morning and 2 in evening. Try with food and without to see if any stomach issues.
Workout for weekend will be 45 minutes on elipiticle Saturday and Sunday rest day.
So you all sit back and I’ll keep you posted
Until next time Be Safe, Be Strong Stay Frosty


Curious how this will go! My girlfriend’s friend apparently has joint issues and this is the stuff I recommended.


Thanks @Underconstruction


Quick update. Started with 2 capsules Friday evening on empty stomach. Took 2 Saturday morning without food and same Saturday evening. Knocked down all 4 this morning without food. No upset stomach no after taste. Bottle says to take with food, but had to not follow the rules right up front. Done my 45 minutes on elliptical Saturday afternoon nothing to note as of yet but it states within 10 days so I have a few more days. Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty


Today chest day did 7x7 bench 6x6 bench 5x5 bench
7x7 incline 6x6 incline and 5x5 incline
7x7barbell incline 6x6 bb incline 5x5 bb incline
7x7 plate press 6x6 plate press 5x5 plate press
Ended with 7x7 weighted dips 6x6 dips 5x5 dips
Didn’t slam my normal 4 IBP with my protein elbow not as stiff as normal and not swollen. Also knee and ankle not swollen either. Maybe I’ve discovered my new Joint formula.
Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty


Hey All ! been quite, but not much to report on yet. Been taking 4 a day as directed and so far haven’t taken any IBP as normally do after workouts. still stiffness in elbow and shoulder as well as ankle, but always stiff ankle seems steel has a way of doing that. Today rest day and starting over Monday with chest going heavy for tomorrow haven’t lifted heavy in quite some time ! Been lifting to stay in shape now time to grow. Time to test this product and me see if my old joints can hold up to some serious Iron not just reps. Keep you all posted as the week goes by till then. Be Safe ! Be Strong ! Stay Frosty !!


Gentleman stoked to say the least. Lifted heavy Monday and Tuesday and pleased to say no swelling in right elbow like normal. Shoulder just a tad sore but nothing like it used to be. Haven’t taken any IBP since I started SNS Joint Support XT 11 days ago. Settled in with 2caps in morning and 2caps with my pre prior to workout


So far so good.


Lifted heavy this whole week also cut and split firewood 2 days used 20 lb sledge and wedge to split wood and still haven’t touched an IBP. Elbow has not swollen even with the sledge swinging and able to sleep on shoulder with no pain. Stay tuned for more
Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty


Not bragging but range of motion is increasing the longer I’m taking SNS elbow will now straighten out before between swelling and pain I would never have dreamed of straightening out my elbow. Hope like Hell this increases range of motion everywhere. Lifted heavy 2nd week in a row on chest and arms and loving it
Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty


2nd week in a row to lift heavy and I’m impressed. Felt confident enough in elbow and shoulder went 275 5x5 on Bench 245 5x5 decline and 230 5x5 on incline. I know not real impressive numbers but hadn’t gone much over 230 on bench since shoulder failed me. Also workout at home and no spotter so I’m a happy camper here. Been 30 minutes on elliptical after every workout and no sore knee my first 5K of my season coming next Saturday and I’ll find out how my joints hold up running on pavement instead of dirt or elliptical. So far I’m impressed think maybe I’v found my new joint formula only time will tell.
Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty


Been a bit. Not much new to report, still lifting joints aren’t sore and getting ready for 5K this weekend find out Sunday how knee holds up. won’t be lifting today or tomorrow just cardio and plenty of fluid for run. Back at it on Monday, looking forward to it gonna be trying a new Pre. from OutBreak Nutrition. see if it’s all it’s bragged up to be. stay tuned. Be Safe Be Strong Stay Frosty