SNS Energized Aminos

Fast Acting, Long Lasting Amino Energizer
Endurance, Muscular Recovery, Focus, & Energy

Are You Ready for a More Complete Amino Energizer?

5 Grams Leucine Enriched Amino9™

125 MG. Caffeine

125 Mg. TeaCrine™ for Long Lasting Energy

Sugar Free & Great Tasting!

SNS Energized Aminos take the category of amino energizers to a whole new level. Instead of putting together random amino acid proprietary blends like some competitors, SNS Energized Aminos utilize revolutionary Leucine enriched Amino9™, a clinically substantiated blend of the nine essential amino acids. SNS Energized Aminos also include clinically studied Teacrine™ for long lasting energy.

Energized Aminos Highlights:

  • Fast Acting, Long Lasting Energy & Focus
  • Supports Lean Muscle & Strength
  • Improved Endurance & Muscular Recovery
  • 125 mg. of Caffeine Per Serving from All Natural Sources
  • 125 mg. TeaCrine™ Per Serving for Long Lasting Energy
  • 5 Grams of Amino9™ - a Revolutionary Clinically Validated Leucine Enriched Amino Acid Blend Delivering All 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s)
  • EAA’s Have Been Shown to Stimulate Protein Synthesis
  • EAA’s Have Been Shown to Have Anabolic & Anti-Catabolic Benefits
  • Supports Lean Muscle Retention When Dieting
  • Sugar Free & Great Tasting

SNS Energized Aminos come in an ever expanding variety of delicious flavors and can be stacked with a wide variety of other SNS products for improved, synergistic results.

Can Be Used Pre-Workout, Post Workout,
or Anytime an Amino Acid Energy Boost is Desired​

Key Ingredients:

Many brands that offer amino energizers put together blends that are basically constructed to keep cost down in every way possible to maximize profits rather than to deliver the proper amounts or ratios of amino acids needed for the best results – that’s not SNS’s style. SNS Energized Aminos utilize the power of Amino9™ to deliver optimal results.

Amino9® is a clinically substantiated, unique, and powerful essential amino acid (EAA) blend that that contains all nine of the essential amino acids. This amino acid blend supports optimal muscle protein synthesis and is designed to help those leading an active lifestyle improve lean muscle, strength, endurance, recovery, and body composition.

When it comes to building or retaining lean muscle, the difference between muscle building (anabolism) and muscle breakdown (catabolism) is called Net Protein Balance (NPB). A high NPB indicates that you’re building muscle. Amino9® has been clinically shown to boost muscle protein balance by increasing anabolism and limiting catabolism.

Amino9® contains all three BCAA’s but also the extra 6 additional EAA’s because while BCAA’s alone have been shown in multiple studies to increase muscle protein synthesis, complementing them with all of the EAA’s has been shown to have a much better effect (up to 50% better MPS effect than BCAA’s alone).

Caffeine (from natural sources):
Caffeine is a staple ingredient in most amino energizers and energy products and for good reason. Caffeine has been shown to support energy, fat loss, mental focus, mood support, cognitive ability, & exercise performance.

The problem is that too many energy products and amino energizers stop with just caffeine and while this may be enough for some users, SNS Energized Aminos are designed for people that want more – and it achieves this goal by utilizing caffeine but also adding other ingredients that are synergistic with caffeine to deliver a more fast acting, long lasting energy experience.

Theacrine is a unique supplement that is known for its ability to act as a potent, long lasting stimulant and for its mood enhancing benefits. Common user feedback on Theacrine includes long lasting energy and alertness and mood support.

The mood enhancing benefits of Theacrine are thought to be linked to its ability to elevate dopamine levels in the brain. Dopamine is one of the primary neurotransmitters responsible for controlling pleasure centers in the brain.

Theacrine is chemically similar to caffeine but is very different in that its benefits have been shown to last for a longer period of time and also because there doesn’t seem to be the tolerance build up associated with caffeine.

Green Tea Extract:
Green Tea Extract, primarily through its active constituent EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), is perhaps one of the most widely known energy and fat burning ingredients on the market. It has a variety of well-established fat loss effects including reducing the absorption of dietary lipids (fat) and modulating their subsequent metabolism, increasing glucose utilization, increased oxidization of fatty acids, and lipolysis (releasing stored fat).

If you drink green tea, you may be asking yourself why you haven’t seen much, if any fat loss? The reason for this is likely two-fold. One, you would have to drink a lot of green tea to get the amount of EGCG possible through supplementation. Two, many people that drink green tea sweeten it with a variety of sugar-based sweeteners and the increased calories and sugars offset the potential fat loss benefits. SNS Energized Aminos are sugar free & great tasting!

SNS Energized Aminos
Fast Acting, Long Lasting Amino Energizer

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Any chance you can disclose the actual leucine content and/or the EGCG percent?

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The EGCG content for Green Tea used in SNS products is typically 50 to 60%.

Amino9 is a licensed branded ingredient and is labeled in accordance with the manufacturers specifications. I am not sure if companies are allowed to disclose their exact percentages, but Leucine is the most prevalent amino acid in Amino9.

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Thanks, I figured it was unlikely you could disclose the leucine content.

Compound Solutioins says luceine enhanced on the website, so I would hope for at least 3g of luceine out of the 5g blend.