SNS Agmatine XT -- New Log

SNS Agmatine XT -- New Log


From the beginning:

Thank you @SNSJS for sending me a bottle of Agmatine XT to trial and log.

Bottle design and label >> straight forward, clear, easily readable and has all the important information detailed on the front. As for the capsules, love the orange color! Something different and hard to confuse with any other supplement that I have.

Expectations >> Currently I am overweight compared to where I should be and have been in the past. I do not usually feel intense pumps or have visible vascularity like I used to. At my lowest, I have been approximately 175 pounds, standing 6’3". Currently, I am at 220 pounds and leaning down mainly through diet. If this product can provide a noticeable pump and/or vascularity or better recovery, I would consider the product a success.

Day #1 of using the product was today (12/12/2017)

Used two capsules on an empty stomach for a mid afternoon back and biceps workouts. Took capsules about 30 minutes before I started weightlifting.
Pre-workout used was EAS MYO (two scoops) EAS
Stacked with MTS Peak Physicor (two capsules)

As for the workout, it went well. No PRs attempted, just a basic bodybuilding style workout starting with deadlifts for back then a few accessory type movements like pull ups, lat pull downs and face pulls. This part of the workout lasted about an hour.

Second part of the workout was biceps which included a machine preacher curl and cable straight bar curl. This part of the workout lasted approximately 20 minutes.

Throughout the workout, no noticeable difference was felt in terms of pump, blood flow or visible vascularity compared to previous workouts. No negative side effects from taking the Agamatine XT though. Checking the products I most commonly use, none of them contain Agamatine, so I may need to build up some of it in my system before I start noticing a difference.

On my off days, I plan on using the product before cardio and before bed. I will update the log with how those experiences are. For now, I end on nothing new but nothing bad experienced after my first use. Looking forward to future trials stacked with different pre-workouts.


Subbed and thanks for logging @Devin_Foley


Day 2 of the trial was yesterday (12/13/2017).

This was a non-lifting day that included approximately sixty minutes of LISS cardio in the morning.

Took two capsules on an empty stomach before cardio. No specific effects or differences felt during or after cardio.

Also took two capsules before bed on a full stomach. Seemed to have a better than average nights sleep compared to usual. Do not specifically remember waking up during the night like I usually do. Woke up still a little sore from Tuesdays workout. Can’t directly link the Agmatine XT to the more restful sleep on the first use but interested to see if a pattern forms with taking it in the evening.


Day 3 (12/14/2017)

This day was basically a carbon copy of day 2 in terms of training and usage.

No lifting, only LISS cardio in the morning with two capsules on an empty stomach. Again, nothing new or special noticed or felt during and after cardio.

Before bed was the same as day 2. Two capsules on a full stomach and had another better than average nights sleep. Did not set my alarm and was able to sleep a little longer than normal and wake up rested and ready for the day. Hope this pattern of better sleep continues while using the product. If so, this would be a life saver for me as previous sleep focused products have been ineffective in the past.


I’ve heard of Agmatine before bed as a sleep aid/GH boost, never looked into the science behind it though. Very interesting.


@SNSJS mentioned that in the original post looking for loggers, which is what caught my attention and pushed me to apply for this opportunity.


Day 4 (12/15/2017)

Today was leg day!

Took two capsules stacked with the same EAS Myoplex pre.

Workout lasted about an hour and included squats, leg press, seated leg curls and standing calf raises. Wasn’t really expecting visible vascularity since I have never had that in my legs, no matter what body weight I have been. Blood flow felt normal, and as I write this, recovery seems to be moving along as usual.

Second serving was taken before bed again and this night did not go as well as previous ones. This is likely because I have been coming down with a cold and am having trouble breathing while in bed. Hope this passes quickly so I can get a better idea of how this supplement works when my body is not trying to fight a virus.


Day 5 (12/16/2017)

Had an early morning workout today for chest and shoulders.

Took two capsules stacked with Rise Performance Execute Capture

Workout lasted about an hour and was quite productive. Was really expecting an intense pump and good vascularity with this workout but unfortunately it did not happen. Thinking I may try to up the dose in my upcoming workouts.

I did not take a second serving before bed because I am still fighting a cold and want to save the servings until I recover and have a better base to form my opinion on its effectiveness as a possible sleep aid.


Agmatine pre-bed on an empty stomach is a better NATTY GH booster than all those other GH boosters out there.


@Devin_Foley and @Caribou checkout these posts by both mrcooper and Dinoii on agmatine…0…1.1.64.psy-ab…0.15.1034…33i22i29i30k1.0.-OeF9S44h9c…0…1.2.64.psy-ab…0.0.0…0.ntCyW5mDHlw


Alright…I’m back to taking Agmatine XT after fully recovering from my cold.

Took two capsules pre and post workout for today’s leg day.

Pretty intense leg day for me with high rep squats, heavy leg press and other high rep accessory movements. Made it through the workout with a problem. No specific feelings that I can directly correlate with the Agmatine during or post workout. Not sure if taking a few days off because of my cold has caused reduced saturation in my body or if Agmatine just doesn’t have a noticeable effect on my body.

Will use the entire bottle and continue to report any changes.

@SNSJS Is there an upper limit to the dose of Agmatine that is safe to use?


Used two capsules before my workout of chest and shoulders.

Still not feeling any effects of this product while taking pre and post workout. Not sure if it is just my body that does not react to Agmatine or being overweight is having an effect.

Don’t really know what else I can do other than keep upping the dosage and hope no negative side effects show up.


How much are you taking? What else are you taking with the agmatine?


I’m up to 3 caps now.

Have taken by themselves. Have taken with other pre workouts. Empty stomach and full stomach.


Long-term (5 years), high daily dosage of dietary agmatine–evidence of safety: a case report.

Agmatine starts working as soon as it enters the bloodstream, which is typically 15 – 30 minutes after consumption. Users can expect to experience an increase in muscle pumps, vascularity and muscular endurance within this timeframe.


Still using this everyday at different times (pre cardio, pre workout, post workout, before bed) and not feeling any difference. Bottle is almost gone and not sure what else I can do to increase its effectiveness. Keep upping the dosage to try and feel the effects but to no avail.

The expected effects and research is intriguing but my body is just not reacting.


Hey thanks for the log @Devin_Foley. It sux you didn’t notice to much.It just goes to show that supplements effect us all differently.


You are welcome!

Yes, I am quite sad that I have not been able to feel or see the intended effects of this product. But I am quite happy to complete this log and just like the team at @PricePlow, keep everything honest and 100