Sites to Build a Custom Pre Workout?

Sites to Build a Custom Pre Workout?

Didn’t TrueNutrition used to let you make a custom pre workout?

I have a friend with SUPER basic requirements:

  • Creatine
  • BCAA
  • Beta Alanine
  • Sodium and Potassium

Oddly enough having trouble finding this supplement, even without the electrolytes.





He’d need to buy separate baggies and flavor it himself though? Was hoping for something similar to TrueNutrition but for non-proteins


crystal light packets. :slight_smile:

DuraCap does it but the minimal orders are like 150 tubs.

maybe JustNutra, although i know very little of them.

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Cool. Sounds like my guy is stuck to tinkering unless he wants to start a small brand. Which he could actually do, he’s not a nobody in his particular world.



Doesn’t want caffeine?


1/2 the fun buying bulks, is dialing in the dosage you want, and respond to best imo

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Yes, but the ingredients listed here aren’t really of that nature. Stimulants and pump stuff you can find a sweet spot for acute use; creatine, beta alanine, BCAAs, etc. don’t even have any real acute effects, and the proper doses of them are established from literal mountains of research.

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It’s just a bizarre supplement. BCAAs and the electrolytes are inherently for acute use, while creatine and beta alanine are things to take daily and provide no real aucte effects.


i was trying not to judge :slight_smile:


He trains at night. Just wants to take one supplement in a day and coffee outside of that.

Not surprised this formula doesn’t exist, I guess also not surprised nobody wants to mix small baggies TrueNutrition-style either! He just tinkers with it on his own but I wanted to check if I could get it blended up for him.

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Mike, what about something like Post JYM Active Matrix?

Has the creatine, BCAA and beta alanine along with some other stuff but no electrolytes.