Sinister Labs Caramel Crunch Protein Bar Review

Sinister Labs Caramel Crunch Protein Bar Review


Sinister Labs SinFit Protein Bar Review


Caramel Crunch - When opening the wrapper you see a caramel glaze with white icing on top of the bar. First bite was incredibly rich and packed with sweetness like eating a caramel sauce you would buy in the grocery store. The small white lines resemble an icing in flavor. The added richness reminds me of a glaze on top of a cinnamon roll. The inside is soft and resembles that of a brownie (just like all the other flavors). I started to get vibes of a butterscotch flavor the more I bit into the protein bar. When it comes to flavor if you enjoy a sweet caramel & Butterscotch combination this will be right at the top of your list of must buy protein bars.


The texture on these is very close to a FitCrunch, MyBar, and NitroTech Crunch Bar. The outside glaze provides a delicious flavor and a crunch. The middle is a very soft brownie like texture. These bars are becoming very popular because they give you the best of both worlds. Another nice thing about these is they do need to be microwaved,(quest) and they are not so soft you can piece them with your fingers (Fitjoy, Mission 1).


Per Bar:
Calories ~ 350
16g Fat
28g Carbs
30g Protein

The macro profile is very similar to FitCrunch in calories. This was also very similar to the Olympus Labs bar in which I got to beta-test. The protein is made up of WPC and WPI. What some consumers may not like is the added vegetable oils to the bar but that does help with the fat content. Corn syrup may raise an eye, but what I like is these are not very heavy fiber bars, which can settle very heavy and give me digestion problems. These are flavored with sucralose and have added maltodextrin to enhance the sweetness of the flavor.


This is what may scare some people away. In grocery stores you can find them for around $2.50-3, and if you order them direct on their webpage its $35 for 12 bars. For an average protein bar consumer $3 may be pushing the budget for an on the go meal replacement bar. Remember if you want one of the best tasting protein bars you will get what you pay for. The calories are higher, so it is not a small snack like a quest bar, or a Snap Nutrition Bar that is less than 200 calories. These are filling and will hold you over for another meal. For how good these tastes I would highly suggest picking them up.