Sinfit protein bars, where to buy individually?

Sinfit protein bars, where to buy individually?


Does anyone know where the Sinfit high protein bars can be bought as individual bars, instead of the 12-count boxes? Everywhere I checked online, they’re either as the 12-box or the official site has extremely high shipping costs to Canada. I would buy them locally, except they’re nowhere to be found around my area.

If anybody would be willing to work something out to ship them to me, I would GREATLY appreciate it!


I can’t speak to that, because I too tried to find them available on an individual basis.

I shared a 20% off code on my SinFit Cooke review, if that helps! Not a personal code or anything, but the company gave it to me to share with the Priceplow community.

It can be used on the Sinsiter Labs website.


Reliable sources have told me how good they are so I bought a box each of the Birthday Cake and Chocolate Chip cookies. I actually put them in my cart and left them for a day and they sent me a 25% off code.


Thanks for the reply,

Unfortunately, even a 20% off code wouldn’t off-set the steep total price. The shipping cost alone was practically double the cart checkout price :frowning:


That sucks. The bars are really good (PB and Chocolate are my fav) and I think if it’ll save you a few bucks, than buying a box isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

You’ll probably be glad you have so many!


Yeah, it’s really unfortunate. I really wanted to try this protein bar, too :frowning:

The thing is, I wanted to take the cinnamon, chocolate and peanut butter crunch flavors. It’s just too difficult to pick one of the 3, honestly.

Plus, actually, getting a box will result in the same shipping cost nightmare I’m currently facing unless I buy elsewhere (but of course, by then, at about $40 a box, minimum, no amount of low shipping cost can remedy that, heh).

I really REALLY would like to eat these protein bars. I think, currently, the only good alternative is if someone who has better access could be sort of a middle man.