Simple energy products

Simple energy products


I’d like to know when someone is going to make an energy product that only has 2 or 3 ingredients, and isn’t loaded with pixie dusted ingredients. Example;

Serving size 1 tablet (90 servings per bottle $29/per bottle)

  • 150mg caffeine anhydrus
  • 50mg caffeine citrate
  • 125mg Teacrine

Universal once upon a time had a product such as this called Kwik Energy. Haven’t seen that for a long time now. I liked how it was caffeine from multiple sources in 1 tablet. Lasted longer and had a different feel than just straight caffeine.


Biotest has BrainCandy…there are of course Caffeine pills…Five Hour energy…etc…


Sure, those exist, but I feel like a segment of the market is being overlooked. Caffeine tablets are nice (I’m usually consuming 1 or 2 a day), but sometimes I want something more exotic without being a “fat burner”, which might make me get warm or sweat. Something I would love to see is 200mg caffeine, 100-125mg teacrine, and like 75mg DMHA or something, in a tablet (not drink or powder).


You’ll be paying a premium for DMHA products these days


PEScience Alphamine or Norcodrene?

We were a bit mad when they watered these formulas down, because Alphamine was the bomb, but it may actually be what you’re lookin for


Sucks those products were crippled. But not what I’m looking for, too many underdosed or wasted infredients. I want to see 2 or 3 properly dosed ingredients in a tablet/capsule based product. 200mg caffeine + dynamine + theacrine (not even sure if those 2 go good together, just an example). If dmaa were still out there I’d want 200mg caffeine, 100mg theacrine, and 25mg dmaa. Single tablet dose. Am I thinking too logically straight forward? I look at some of these products and roll my eyes, since I only want 2 or 3 of the ingredients. I’m probably going to have to make my own stim stack (already do this with caffeine and yohimbine hcl) but would like to see someone mass produce.


Applied Nutriceuticals used to make Black Cats, you could probably still find some if you shop around


I also want something like that, your best bet is generally fat burners, but you can make your own with bulk stims

Dexaprime looks fairly good but also has some other stuff you might not want.

Other then that off the chain and primaforce theacrine is fairly cheap to stack

Also I stumbled on kwik energy’s PP page, some stores still have it