Should I take a water pill?

Should I take a water pill?


Are water pills beneficial to use towards an end of a diet? I’ve never used one so just not sure wether it’s something I should even think about using.


By no means an expert here, so take with a grain of salt (or rather don’t take that salt if you’re trying to lose water), but if your diet was simply to lose fat, then no, there’s really no point in trying a diuretic, it won’t speed up fat loss. If you’re trying to see just how defined you can get, whether for competition or just because you want to look more cut, then it may be worth looking into.


What’s the goal? Look good for a pool day or vacation? They have a time and place but have to be used/timed very analytically.


Vacation coming up soon!


I would not use a water pill if you don’t already have a plan in place for fat loss. Water loss can come from muscle and leave you looking very flat IMO


Honestly, if you aren’t sub 7-8% body fat, water shed / diuretic supps aren’t worth it. As @Extrabeef said, it will make your muscles appear flatter. To get that “peeled” look, there needs to be minimal fat between the skin and muscle.

If you wanna look your best for a certain day, you can deplete for a few days with low carb eating, then do an ab/upper body circuit the day of. Then take some Ashwaghanda, Creatine, and nitric oxide boosters, and a GDA with about 50g carbs.
; )

That’s my recipe for looking veiny on pool day.


Genuinely curious to try this soon.


It’s overkill - but ashwaghanda helps me retain less subcutaneous water by lowering cortisol (again - only works being lean). The nitric oxide and GDA w/ carbs will make anyone who is depleted, super veering and hard.

Maybe it’s all in my head - but I’ll even take GDAs when I’m out drinking at the pool. Insane veins!


I keep 10-12% BF year round so I just need to get a pump and I’m usually good.

During pool season I just rely on my size to be impressive instead of conditioning. Last year at the Olympia the whole sales team cut down for the pool party and four weeks out I just decided to get bigger than everyone, was never going to be the leanest. My traps can usually distract from the lack of my last 2 in the 6 pack.


Some people store fat differently and can look sub 8% even if they’re really 12.

My lower back and abs are always last to go - so I have to get down to 7ish% if I want to look decent. : (


If you want a cheap way to see how they work, pick up some Dandelion tea from your local market, vitamin store etc…may run you 3-4 bucks but good for kidney health regardless