Scivation is Teasing Some WEIRD Stuff on Social Media...

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Not sure what this is all about, but this is apparently what happens when your brand is bought by a company whose art department is in Austin! View this post on Instagram @Xtend is posting some really weird stuff. WTF? #Xtend?? A post shared by PricePlow (@priceplow) on Nov 1,… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Pretty cool video actually…

They posted on Twitter that it is the ‘new era of Xtend’…Stay tuned.

cant wait for their RTDs

Don’t they have that already?

carbonated? i’m just messing around, anyway

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Ahhhh…I see…I see

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You are on to something there sir!

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i know…

Really…BSN is probably throwing there hands in the air…”we’ve been doing this for YEARS guys”

Help a brother out…what am I missing here?

There always was an Xtend RTD!

Update video:

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See I’m not crazy…

see carbonated post :muscle:

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Maybe the X is the preview for a new X-Men where they fight evil using Xtend. Or perhaps an X rated movie?

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Is there really a market who would buy Carbonated BCAA rtd’s lol? Can’t imagine what kind of consumer would buy those

You’d be surprised. People buy caffeine free Bang all of the time


I would if the price was right tbh

Nappy nailed it.
People buy the brand name and taste.
Just like uneducated consumers buy prop blended pre-workouts that have a joke of a formula.

Remember for the average consumer if it tastes good and it has convenience (carbonated can). They will buy it.


That’s half the battle…