Scivation BCAA’s

Scivation BCAA’s

BOGO Scivation over @ Vitamin Shoppe


Blood Orange and Pineapple are my two favorites.


Nice. Amazon was doing a 90serv tub for $34 last week. I like xtend but next time I buy aminos, I’m going to try some EAAs. : )

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BCAA’s are a scam


They still have purposes despite being inferior to EAA’s


Definitely not necessary but I think they have a place when someone is in a large calorie deficit or if they aren’t getting them from other protein sources.

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Not sure what’s going on, but Vitamin Shoppe has been slangin some SERIOUS deals


I disagree but I know everyone thinks that


I respect your opinion and agree that they are not necessary if someone is consuming complete protein sources (eggs, chicken, etc…).

In theory, however, if someone is consuming only protein sources that do not have enough Leucine, Iso-leucine, and Valine to spike MPS, would your opinion change?

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Sounds like more of a diet issue than a cure for lack of protein intake.

I honestly can’t think of when they would be useful especially considering the need for the other essential amino acids. What is commonly quoted is taking intra which I have yet to understand why. It’s not even the secondary choice as an cellular energy substrate. Maybe if you’re fat adapted? I guess possibly then but I’m stretching here.


I use it cause I get sick of plain ol water all day everyday.

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Perhaps financial issues??

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Ahh, I see, it’s BOGO50. Not bad but we have a few better deals on single tubs depending on the flavor


Understandable given certain flavors taste better than Mio or whatever

Blood Orange Xtend is the bees knees


Blood Orange Xtend~
That we can all agree on.


Xtend Elite Sour Gummy is excellent as well


And I would rather drink this instead of sugar juices or soda. I’ll take calories from BCAAs over sugar any day.

I still drink a couple of Sprite Zeros a week. I hope that doesn’t kill me one of these days!

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Wait for what we got in store with them :wink:


BCAA’s are legit. They are proteins. You can take them better than eating regular meals. You won’t feel bloated. They help a lot in Trans4orm body fats.

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I think we have an EVL rep, being less than conspicuous. Hah.