Sarm hesitation

Sarm hesitation


Is it worth trying Sarms? I’ve never done anything like that before just your typical supplements. Is this worth giving a shot? I know studies haven’t been done on humans before, I’m just hesitant because of potential side effects. Anyone tried them before and have positive experiences?


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Do your fucking research on anything that affects the endocrine system, you can permanently fuck your shit up if you screw around with hormones without knowing your stuff.

But yeah, they get you gains.


You HAVE to be EXTREMELY picky about which company you choose to trust. It’s worth noting with the FDA stepping in and going after sarms as hard as they are, that it’s going to be harder for the materials to enter the country. This means the potential for contaminated/bunk product is very likely. Once again, the Gov is making it really hard to get these raws into our country, even Enhanced Athlete. Side note, a cycle of Ostarine suppressed Test to the point I definitely noticed so after that, PCT and time is what it took to have my boys all grown up again. Personally, I’d say it’s no longer worth the risk


I’d probably start with TRT after I do some blood work


No. Do the real deal if you’re going to go that route or not at all. These orals now have little to no safety data unlike actual steroids. It’s pretty easy to get a prescription as well, unlike what people believe and at least it would be monitored.


If you do decide to do them treat them like steroids and air on the side of caution with them, get it from a reputable company as well.
Basically if you want to do steroids but want a slightly grayer area of legality, or have a specific one in mind.
Allot of the dangers of things tend to be overblown in my opinion but do not neglect researching the things you are using and weight the benefit to risk ratio.

Also when you are researching them avoid evolutionary, they have no clue what they are fucking talking about and will never say anything bad about a substance they are shilling.