RXS Radiate Caps Review

Radiate Capsule Review


I really admire the open label here compared to the powdered version which was not.
Per Cap:

150mg KSM-66 Ashwaganda (Mood)
130mg Caffeine (Stim)
75mg Eris J (Performance/Energy Booster)
50mg L-Theanine (Nootropic)
50mg Theobromine (Nootropic)
30mg Higenamine (Nootropic)
30mg Hordenine (Nootropic)
25mg Di-Caffeine Malate (Energy)
25mg Naringin (Extends half life of caffeine)
20mg Paradoxine ( transform fat from WAT to BAT which creates a huge thermo effect)
12.5mg Lean GBB ( L - carnitine precursor)
2.5mg Huperzine A (Nootropic)
1.5mg Alpha Y (Energy/Stubborn Fat)
1.25mg Bioperine (Uptake of ingredients)


I ran this product over various days and times so I recorded my thoughts on each dosing:

Day 1
Pre workout meal 8:30
New product : 1 cap at 10:30

Energy — at first I got jitters about 30 minutes after consumption, then the energy smoothed out I am
Guessing added nootropics in the formula played a vital part to this. The caffeine is mild even in conjunction with the di-caffeine malate. Once I got past the jitters my energy was prolonged for over 4 hours well past the post-workout period. I find this sits much longer then the OG radiate, and provies far less of a crash (I got off DMHA). While I am not a huge responder to DMHA I found this capsule product to suit myself much better (while others may like the heavy hitters like DMHA). Overall for first day I enjoyed it beside the jitters. If you are looking for a very long lasting product this would be a big upgrade from the regular version.

Day 2
Afternoon Get me up (1 Cap)

Ate Lunch at 2. Took a cap at 4. I am sitting here writing this email with energy still streaming. I think I did not have enough food or liquid in me when I took my first cap the other day at 10:30? Don’t know. I find this to provide a great long lasting focus of energy. This could be great for long term studying or someone who needs a great kick to keep rolling throughout the day to replace a coffee or an energy drink.

Very impressed not overly jittery today, which was a huge plus. Then again I am eating in a surplus at the moment, so those effects won’t be noticed. From a fatloss standpoint it will be very hard to note any side effects of those ingredients.

Day 3
Morning Get Up (1 Cap)

Took first thing in the morning. I did feel a bit jittery, but it soon smoothed out and got much better. I don’t know what is causing the slight jitter, but I do notice it from time to time. I did not feel much “Thermo” effects again as I am eating in a surplus, but this may be more profound for those around maintainence or in a cutting phase. Energy lasted well up to 2-3 hours and slowly faded around 4+ hour mark. I took at 6 AM and lasted until 10. VERY Pleased with the length this does provide.

Day 4/5
Dosing - 1 Cap prior to workout with pre-workout meal 60 minutes before

Thoughts: Now that I know 1 cap is around 150mg caffeine and what is in the formula I still get small jitters out of the gate. They last around 30-45 minutes. Which is odd because I respond well to Alpha Y and regular Y-HCL. I have had products with Eris J in the past before with 0 issues as well. KSM-66 is there to aid mood. I know for a fact the noots are not causing me to get jittery, but maybe that is just the heavy noots hitting me hard? I have no idea. Maybe this is a possible thermo effect kicking in which made me react not as well to the powdered version. I blame the DMHA on the powder version, which gave me bad sides and had some bad headaches

After about 30-60 minutes the energy smoothed out and lasted well into the post-workout period and past my post-workout meal (upward to 3-4 hours). This stuff is strong at one cap, but I can see the stim junkies hitting 2 caps and loving it. What I do like is that a capsule product will be cheaper for you to make and also for you to make more money off of. Overall I enjoyed it, but the hit of jitters kinda throws me off (Don’t know what I am reacting bad to).

– Overall I am VERY pleased with the upgrade. The boys at RXS took their original product and made it better (IMO) —

Intro Pricing

Intro Pricing should be $19.99 and Free Shipping within the United States for those looking to pick this up!


Just ordered these. Thoughts on stacking with Synephrine? Decent research on the cumulative effect of Hordenine+Naringin+Synephrine.


Yeah I had no clue we were doing a $19.99 free shipping offer when CJ pulled me in to our intro video. So my surprise there is real. Very good deal.

@Shadow_6 ooh some SNS Syn could be an inexpensive way if you’re experienced!

@Mike That is the exact product I was thinking. Just placed an order with A1 yesterday like 4 hrs before you guys announced the these Radiate Caps. Might just have to bite the double shipping charge bullet to try that combo though.

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I would personally run the Radiate solo for at least 7-10 days and see how you react before stacking anything with it. This way you know how strong and how well it works as a solo product before throwing extra fuel in the fire . Throwing extra on top of a strong product out the gate could lead to bad sides . Better to be in the safe but sorry side here

@Monte and @TheMyth would be the ones to ask for more in depth insight on this.

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