Robert's Stimulant-Free Nootropic Stack with SNS

Robert's Stimulant-Free Nootropic Stack with SNS


As sad to state as it is…it is a novelty in the industry that products contain inside what’s listed outside the tub, haha.

I’ve never had that concern with SNS. You guys are top notch, no question!

Currently using Focus XT stim-free (first time ever using Focus XT) alongside 30mg SNS Noopept and holy hell, this is amazing! Been running it for 1 week now and each time, the stuff flat out delivers. Brain feels like it’s operating at warp speed.

New Study on "DMHA Supplements" Published by Dr. Pieter Cohen... not much DMHA found!

If you enjoy noopept from a reliable source, I’d stock up while you can.

Unfortunately we’ll be discontinuing it once the current batch has been sold through :frowning:

I drink Stim Free in the mornings alongside coffee on days I drink coffee, and regular Focus XT on days I don’t feel like drinking coffee.


That’s what I heard from SNS HQ during our recent conversation…sad to see it go right as I’m getting “hip” to its effects.

Any other comprehensive noot products you’re a fan of?


Haven’t really consistently tried anything other than Focus XT in years as far as comprehensive products go.

I’ve mixed in random other single ingredients from time to time for experimentation though.


@De_eB Call me crazy. But I used to dump a capsule of your guys’ PEA in my pwo lol.

Raw PEA is delicious


You’re crazy.

I can’t stand the taste of PEA. Had to be in capsules. Idk how you did it.


Can confirm…used to have a tub of PEA HCl and would take a scoop of it raw along with my pre workout…some of the nastiest tasting stuff I’ve tried…then I tried raw Dynamine and Theacrine…


Raw theacrine is pretty dang bad.