Rhodiola Product

Just a quick question, because I’m more into the preworkouts and such side of the industry, but what am I looking for in a solid Rhodiola product? What extract, what benefits (anti-fatigue?) and a good, cost effective product choice. Thanks!

150mg of 3% salidrosides (most important active) is typical and should help with anti-fatigue/stress, with higher salidrosides usually providing a more ‘energetic’ feel. I’ve used 500mg of 3% rosavins and 1% salidrosides with positive anti-stress results combined with ashwagandha.

To play with individual dosing, you’d most likely need to get raw powder but capsuled products from Jarrow and Swanson are fine too depending on standardization.

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Thanks man!

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Jarrow easily

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Ideally you want it standardized for BOTHA salidroside and rosavins. Salidroside is the primary active, but research has shown that rosavins can potential salidroside, and the vast majority of the very promising human studies have used extracts standardized for both.

3% rosavins and 1% salidroside is the most common, while some have 3% rosavins and 2% salidroside.

Multiple brands sell the 3/1% extracts, like Jarrow, NOW, and LEF I think. Barlowe’s sells a 3/2% extract as well.

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The others covered all of the REAL answers, but I do want to add a disclaimer that if you get the loose powder instead of capsules, it WILL make any drink you mix it in have a very “dry” mouthfeel. Like your mouth is coated with a fine layer of dust after drinking.


This. Very much this. And it often won’t mix well if you just add it to water. This can be minimized by mixing it well with other dry powder before adding the powder to the liquid.