Review: SpartaWhey and GreenSurge

Review: SpartaWhey and GreenSurge

Happy New Year boys…

With the help of @TheSolution, I was able to take advantage of Holiday sales for Sparta Whey and wanted to post my thoughts in the ‘for what it’s worth’ department. And no I don’t have a YouTube page so bear with me on the cliff’s notes review:

Sparta Whey CinnaCrunch. The prevailing theme with all of these will be ‘light’ flavor. Not a bad thing at all, I really like the CinnaCrunch, probably my favorite of the 3. Left in the fridge for a while is a really good idea. Also, mixed with Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal it’s excellent.

PB Cups. Again…light flavor…but I like it…the taste grows on you and isn’t overwhelming at all…

Double Stuffed C&C: That’s an Oreo flavor folks. Not what you think of C&C, but more of an Oreo flavor. And I like my Oreos.

GreenSurge from Jacked Factory? Game changer. I’ve been looking for a greens supplement for a while. And when I read that @TheSolution and @Matt_Towson like it, I had to try it. I am now looking at ordering a 2nd tub, which I have never done with a greens supplement. Really really good supplement and taste is outstanding.

That’s all I have - here’s hoping for a few ‘that’s what she said’ in the coming year.


I still think Sparta’s Cookies and Cream is the GOAT. : )

Glad you like GreenSurge! It’s great!


Have not let ya wrong
Sparta is still 30% off! Hell of a deal for some great protein ($45/5lbs)

How much liquid are you mixing the Pb cups and Cinna Crunch in?
Try 6oz it’s my sweet spot for a shake with the brand.

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Ghost, Sparta, USN, MTS, etc… it seems the new norm is calling for less water to amplify the taste of whey protein supplements.

The big exception is Xtend and Cellucor. Xtend calls for minimum of 8 and Cellucor’s IsoPro calls for 16oz! That’s the highest I’ve ever seen for a single scoop whey (not a meal replacement or mass gainer).


You might be definitely adding too much water these weren’t light for me. Cinna Crunch with cereal is Goat.


You guy’s bring up some good points. For some reason I have been adding 8 oz of water lately…I’ll dumb that down a little…


Recommended water proportions are key if you want the best taste experience. Heck, some people like it even MORE concentrated and they’ll use 1-2oz less than the recommended amount.

Generally, I stick to the high end of the recommended amount. Not that anyone cares or asks…
I’m just bored. Taking a break from BAR studying…keep crossing my fingers that some threads update, so I have an excuse not to get back to work.

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Maybe you can get that extend whey review done lol. I’m betting average af?


6oz try Almond/Cashew milk will be a nice little improvement over water (if you have access)


I looooove the chocolate. It’s done, I’m just trying to find a way to upload a video here (not YouTube - since I don’t want a YouTube channel).