Review of some energy drinks grocery outlet was selling a 24 pack of for 5$ (Rhino energy)

So grocery outlet(a clearance/discount store) is selling a energy drink “rhino rush 16oz” for about .33 cents after tax, I decided to take the risk and buy a case.
They come in 3 flavors, and advertise themselves as ephedra powered

Now as you know ephedra extract today is free of ephederine, and a few other alkaloids due to them being banned in 2004. So this is mainly just marketing.

What it does have is 200 mg of caffeine, and an undisclosed amount of PEA HCL, theobromine, and yohimbine.

Its basically just an energy drink with a bit of yohimbine edge. The amount is fairly low I am guessing.


Blue raspberry
This flavoring is fairly tame, doesn’t have much of a bite, and has a slight flowery after taste.
Drinkable but boring.

This is a pretty good grape flavor, has a hint of the concord grape flavor, but not overwhelming or artificial like other flavors. Same flowery hint of the other flavors.

Strawberry kiwi
Not sure how to describe this one, as I am not too familiar with strawberry kiwi flavoring. Its drinkable but worse then the other flavors

Overall thoughts
I suggest grape over the other two. This is a decent energy drink. I can’t find much about it online, but I would get it at rockstar/monster prices, if it gets sold normally.
At its current price go pick up a case if your local GO is selling it. Its a top tier deal.


This store (and my local 99 cent) can have some pretty crazy deals if you search around the store.

My local one will often have four pack pints of Halo Top for $5 (not quite as crazy as the deal you found).

Ya, GO is pretty great, my favorite was when they sold normal sized cartons of gelato for 1$ each. I still regret not buy more of it.

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