Review of SNS higenamine

Review of SNS higenamine

SNS higenamine is a single ingredient supplement contain 30 MG of higenamine, a somewhat rarer stimulant the comes from the Sacred lotus plant. It is a beta-2 agonist, which is one of the receptors ephedrine works on.

This means it suppresses appetite, increases adrenaline, and has bronchodilating effects.

Unlike ephedrine higenamine has a very short half life, estimated at around 10 minutes.

In terms of effects it hits very fast, and has a very notable heart rate increase during its peak, much stronger then that of other beta agonist. This along with the energy/bronchodilating effects make it good as a preworkout stimulant, provided you don’t mind its intensity, which is fairly high.
There is no notable comedown.

As a fat burner given its short half life I am not sure how effective it would be unless you were using it for cardio.

Overall this is a fairly intense, good preworkout/cardio stimulant.
Its not a feel good, or long study night type of thing, but if you are trying to wake yourself up a bit, or want a short bit of energy it is good for that.

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