Reshuffling the Amino Acids Category (Intra Workouts / BCAAs)

This has always bothered me on PricePlow. Intra Workout was always off in its own world under the “Amino Acids” section, so when you’d look at Intra Workout supps, the various BCAA-only powders wouldn’t get listed. But BCAAs are to be used intra workout, for the most part at least.

So what I did for the entire Amino Acids tree was this:

Now, if you’re looking at Intra Workout supplements, the BCAA powders will come up too (as well as all children underneath Intra Workout Supplements). This includes the BCAA pills as well, even though most people don’t take them during their workout… but we’ll just need to deal with that. BCAA pills aren’t popular anymore anyway.

The question is, I may need to go through a lot of our BCAA Powders (at least the ones with tons of ingredients) and move some of them to Intra Workout. Problem with that is when people are looking for BCAA Powders, a page that’s more popular than the Intra Workout one, they wouldn’t show up.

Another drawback is that if a product gets placed into the Essential Amino Acids category, it won’t come up under Intra Workout. So I moved all of those products into Intra Workout to solve that problem.

So, should BCAA Powder be BCAA-only powder?? Right now it’s more like “BCAA Powder = BCAA mostly powder”


That hurt my head


LOL just saw this. Yeah man I just want the right products to show up on the right pages. This industry has long since spiraled out of control and it’s tough to stay on top of it!

I think there should be a BCAA only category, even some pre workouts have BCAAs in them now and “intra workouts” have stimulants so there really is no fine line any more

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I could make the “BCAA Powder” category be 100% BCAAs - nothing more allowed… and then up top link have a link that says “for supplements with BCAAs and a bunch of other stuff to use as a ‘sports drink’, see our Intra Workout category”…

The intra powders with energy in them are called “Energy Aminos” on our site. I’ve always liked that name for the category