Repp Sports Voodoo Raze Energy Review

Repp Sports Voodoo Raze Energy Review

Repp Sports Raze Energy Voodoo Review


Voodoo – Upon reading the name I was stumped at what I was about to taste. When I first opened the can you can smell a distinct orange soda smell, which then led me to believe that is what the flavor was. Upon my very first sip, you get a refreshing and zesty orange flavor. Now, this is not like a true diet Fanta or Sunkist beverage, but a bit different. The unique base flavor is complimented with the correct amount of richness to give you a balanced and enticing orange soda spin-off. For those who like orange-flavored beverages, this will be a very enjoyable flavor. What I like about Raze is how the lightly carbonated beverage helps enhance the flavor. Overall I am very pleased, and this is a top flavor over a lot of the original ones they have produced.



~300mg Caffeine

Hydration Matrix – Taurine & Potassium Citrate

Performance Blend – Betaine (Hydration & Cellular Concentration)

LCLT (Recovery)

BCAA’s (Additional Free Form Amino Acids)

Focus Matrix – L-Tyrosine, Choline, Alpha GPC (Nootropics for cognitive enhancement and mental clarity)


  1. Sour Gummy Worms

  2. Galaxy Burst

  3. Apollo

  4. Voodoo

  5. Phantom Freeze

  6. Grape Bubblegum

  7. Guava Mango

  8. Watermelon Frost

  9. Strawberry Colada

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Was nothing special in my opinion. Good, but not stand-out

Yup not a top 3 from the brand IMO
Ill take a C4 Orange slice over it.

I know you’ve compiled a list of flavor rankings for each brand’s drink, but do you have an overall ranking, maybe like top 10, between all brands and flavors?

Would vary way too much based off what I want that day. I always like to rotate flavors, and sometimes I will be feeling a different brand/flavor after rotating through so many.

Tops off top of my head:

Orange Slice
Cotton Candy
Midnight Cherry

Sour Gummy
Galaxy Burst

Cherry Blade Lemonade
Purple Haze
Sour Heads
Cotton Candy

C4 Ultimate Carbonated:
Sour Batch Bro’s

Merica Energy:
Green Apple

Have not had any Reign (don’t plan on it either) Just because of how they copied bang and relabeled – seems like a shady business practice
Have not tried any 3D Flavors

And as always… Taste is subjective from person to person (I prefer sweeter things compared to others)

Appreciate it, but I mean more like how each brands flavors stack against each other, in one total list, if that’s possible. Just curious as to how the different flavors within a brand stack up for you. Like:

  1. C4 orange slice
  2. Merica energy grape
  3. Raze sour gummy

Well your comparing totally different flavors, which depends on how the indivdual likes them. For anyone you ask it will always be different. Personally it would be almost impossible for me to grade that just based off what I want or feel that day flavor wise.

For example we all rotate protein powders. Some days I will favor a Peanut butter, some days I want more chocolate, some days I want something more refreshing so I grab for something else instead. Really just a play of the day kind of situation for the most part on my end.

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I’m no Bob, but i drink my share of energy drinks.
1.) C4 - Orange Slice
2.) Spike - Watermelon/Blue Razz tie (and i don’t even like Blue Razz)
3.) The Rockstars with the 300mg caffeine and the BCA Amino Acid A’s Aminos - Green Apple
4.) Bang - Cherry Blade Lemonade
5.) Rockstar again, their Total Zero line - that one with the crazy ass colors, it’s like Mango Lemon Pineapple Cherry or something

Runners Up: green 3D, watermelon Reign, marshmallow Rockstar 300, Limeade C4

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@TheSolution @Caribou
Thanks both of you!

Also, may have to give Spike and those Rockstars a try!

7/11 sometimes has the full size Spikes, not the “slims.” 350mg of caffeine and like a gram of Tyrosine, plus some beta alanine. Really solid RTD, only reason it didn’t beat C4 is because, while delicious, the Spikes do taste like energy drinks. The orange C4s flat out taste like orange soda.

And Caribou loves orange soda.

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Oh also Reign is EXTREMELY hit or miss.
Watermelon and green apple are good.
Peach is OK bordering on not good.
Cotton candy is bad. Lemon somehow tastes exactly like when you get a bite of straight Poptart crust with no filling. Fucking Poptart crust. I couldn’t replicate that flavor if i tried, how do you aim for sour lemon and get G-D poptart crust