Reign Lilikoi Lychee

Reign Lilikoi Lychee


Lilikoi Lychee – Lilikoi is another name for passion fruit. Passion fruit is a sweet, exotic fruit with a delicious, slightly tart flavor. At first, I was getting a stronger orange and mango initial taste that was then presented with a lingering berry and peach aftertaste. Due to the combinations of flavors, this one will shock you upon the first sip, and it will grow on you the more you drink it. If you were to dissect some of the flavors already on the Reign lineup and mix them together it does have overlapping characteristics. This one is really unique as it hits your taste buds from all angles. If you want a truly refreshing and unique flavor this is one that fits the bill.


~300mg Caffeine

Reign is known as an energy drink or an afternoon pick me up. There is a reason why the formula is not something you would see as a top tier pre-workout. With a long listing blend, it is hard to say how much COQ-10, BCAA’s, and Electrolytes you are truly getting. For an on the go, and affordable drink the real reason people buy it is for flavor and caffeine.

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