Redcon1 "White Monster" Total War

Redcon1 "White Monster" Total War

Redcon1’s latest flavor is aimed to be a taste mimic of Monster’s White Ultra Zero. Since that is arguably my favorite energy drink, I am stoaked to get my hands on this.

Redcon1 is only selling through October 31, so if anyone wants to try it - act quick! I should have mine in the mail by then and I will post a review.


i’d like to just sample it for taste… monster white, is a tough flavor to mimic, the white rock star isn’t a bad attempt, but not the same.

in for your review.

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As much as I admire Redcon1 for doing that flavor, and I absolutely love those monsters… they just continue to miss the mark with their flavoring

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I’m not a fan of Total War. Like you, Im in this for the flavor only.


The only good flavors they’ve managed are in their nutritionally-devoid products, RIP

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Blood Orange Grunt was not very good IMO. I love the label - but the label was bad.


All of the Total War flavors i got to try have been “Meh” at best.


Good luck. Blue coconut was a disappointment.

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Ya, I think supplements aimed at the mainstream should to stick to stuff they can flavor properly, I think its the bioperine that’s messing with it.

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