RedCon1 TOTAL WAR 2018: The International Wave of Warfare is Here

Originally published at: RedCon1 TOTAL WAR 2018: The International Wave of Warfare is Here

Note: this post was updated in April 2018 to reflect the latest updates to the ingredients and flavors. RedCon1 has updated their clinically dosed stim-based pre workout Total War, making it an international-friendly verison! The aptly-named Total War has consistently ranked as one of our top “aggressive” stim formulas since… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Sorry Aaron, Ultimate Orange was the best pre workout ever, nothing compares

The descriptions says 5mg of rauwalscine but the label shows 2mg. Which is correct?

Wow, good catch! Sorry for the mixup but it's 2mg, and we've updated the article. I'm not sure where we ever got 5 from to be honest.

Going to email you offering you a shirt for you help. Thanks!

Just got this over in the UK, received my tub just a few hrs ago and already can tell its much better then the old formula (and by the old formula I mean the one we had over in the UK which was slightly different, had caffeine d malate instead of higenamine and raulwolsine, and instead of eria jerensis it was listed as N-phenethyl Dimethylamine Citrate).

The one I just got is the exact same new reformulation thats out there and the energy was amazing, found it much better then the old one partly cause of the energy but mainly because after an hour or so of taking the old one I would get the “crash/depressive” feeling some people claim to get, but with the new one im still going strong and feeling good. Also loving they put the yohimbine hcl in, I had sidewalk kraka before and the alpha yohimbe used to make me feel really nauseous and sickly. So this new reformulation has shot up in my list of Pre Workouts!

Thank you Redcon1! And Cheers to priceplow for these updates! (sorry for the long comment, I’m still buzzing from it haha)


Great review, and cheers back to you! No need to apologize for long comments, we are few here on the forum but we are fierce!

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Haha Appreciate it Mike

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Any reason they switched from BioPerine to the generic kind?

Check the latest label updates… Bioperine is back on, AMPiberry is in, DMHA and Eria and Yohimbine are out

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That was some good stuff! I remember it back in the day. It had ephedrine in it. Strong stuff.

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