Redcon1 recent order

Redcon1 recent order

My recent order… Trying Redcon1 for the first time. Halo, Fade Out and the sample packs of Total War… I can’t wait


Nice! I have tried some Redcon1 product and was very impressed with the flavor profiles, especially their product MRE.

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Let us know what you think @rye!

@Thackes1 - both flavors of MRE I’ve tried (sweet potato and blueberry) were seriously amazing. I liked the texture a lot and the taste was on point for both. I believe there’s now an apple pie and banana bread flavor out now?! Dying to try those. Banana bread/cake is one of my favorite treats ever.

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Running Double Tap right now, that Orange flavor is nice to wake up to before morning cardio.


I like the idea of the Double Tap Clipper. I mix some GFuel from Gamma labs in the morning now on my drive to work. I might light the Tap better.


Some of those flavors sound real good.


It’s mind-blowing how close the two I had taste to their real food counterpart… It probably helps that MRE is a blend of real food. :wink:

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Fade Out is no joke!!! Half scoop that sucker at first.


It doesn’t feel like a thermo really, more like a nootropic blend with green tea and carnitine. It does keep my appetite at bay until noon without fail though.


Thanks guys. I will half the fade out Mike. Ive always had sleep issues and can’t wait to try this. And I am seriously interested in Nootropics

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I love MRE as well. The Blueberry flavoring was more subtle than I had hoped though. Had more of an overnight oats consistency with added blueberries.

I’m still mulling over my next GDA staple between RPG, Blackstone’s Glycolog and the field. Anyone with insight on this has my attention.

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I use big noise on every upper body day. Bumps are sick, focus is a nice bonus, and the taste (sour gummy) is straight fire.

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@rye Nice! Glad you got it squared away! Let us know what you think of it all!


Thank you, Brother! Banana Nut Bread is my favorite. People flip out when they try MRE… any flavor really!


No problem! I’ll definitely be getting my hands on the BNB flavor as soon as possible. I can’t even begin to imagine how amazing it is. :smiley:


Hmmmm, sounds like review time. Dutch Apple Pie and Banana Nut Bread are the new ones since Robert and my original MRE review!

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Just got my Banana Nut Bread MRE. It is on the same level as the Blueberry. I’m pretty satisfied. The Fade Out is pretty rad. My only wish is for it to be a little more loaded like Amino PM, but I’m pretty happy overall. Taste is good compared to any other sleep supplement I’ve tried. For some reason - it kind of compounds with DMHA and makes it harder to sleep for me though. Like my brain goes into a struggle for sleeping and staying awake. I’m probably a rare case for that though.

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