Havent said much about new products that RedCon1 has or is planning on dropping so here is a little post for it.


Last week, RedCon1 launched their EAA formula and named it GRUNT! GRUNT covers all 9 EAA’s that your body cant naturally produce so its a one shot wonder sort to speak. Launched in three flavors, Tigers Blood, Pineapple Banana and Cherry Lime! Priced right along side their BCAA product at $34.99, this is a great addition to your preworkout or intraworkout stack!

Adding its 5th flavor, Key Lime Pie launched with a huge roar! If your a big fan of Key Lime Pie, such as myself, be sure to order a tub sooner rather than later!

Total War came back in stock and without the beloved DMHA! Our friends here at PricePlow wrote a great article so just read that → RedCon1 TOTAL WAR 2018: The International Wave of Warfare is Here.

The Fruits and Green formula that has been teased for a few weeks will likely make its big debut this month!

The "practically carb free"version of MRE is due out soon as well! Yeilding 4g of Carbs and coming in a under 2lb tub (30 servings!) this will likely fly off the shelves of the warehouse as soon as its available! As reported by Stack3d, there will be three flavors right off the bat: Banana Nut Bread, Dutch Apple Pie and Blueberry Cobbler!

As always, make sure you follow PricePlow for the latest as well as here!

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@mattceno flavors options for the GI Juice when that drops?


Pineapple Banana for sure… not sure on any other flavors on the initial release.

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Sounds like a solid choice for the flavor. Any clue as to when the label will drop so we can get a cheeky little peek?

Hope the label drop is soon myself! Anxiously waiting too…

Impossible to keep up!!! But we try

Grunt article coming next week, Total War updated, CJ did a Double Tap video, our GI Juice preview is up, man!

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I know! I was a huge fan of the DT video! Shared out your article to anyone who asked for the difference between the two formulas as well. Have you tried Grunt yet? The Cherry Lime is is good!!

@mattcenoi saw the MRE light post on Stack3d. Since it has been protein, do you know if there is creatine in the mix?

Would love to try but can’t use creatine

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@Double-s MRE and MRE Lite do not have creatine in them. They are a whole foods meal replacement! The only RedCon1 Product that has creatine in it is Tango! This product should be safe for you to try!

What is the leucine content in MRE?

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To my knowledge, leucine is not in MRE, but it is in GRUNT. Here are the 2 product labels.

Leucine will naturally be in MRE. So not referring to added. Many proteins say contain this and that amount of Bcaas advertised etc which is what I was curious on. MRE has a flavor or two I am interested in possibly buying but I will not buy a bovine protein so I am hoping the other sources help compensate.

Right, I gotcha. Since no extra is added there would only be trace amounts coming in off of the beef protein. Our VP just called the manufacturer to get a solid number but dont know if he will get a definite answer. If we do, I will pass that info on.

Yeah if we’re 5-10g Bcaas a good portion would be leucine so I would be game to buy. DAP and KLp sound amazing

@mattceno Why is Bromelain, for the GI Juice, a separate ingredient and listed in the prop. blend?

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I did ask, just have not gotten a solid answer yet!

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Just got the newsletter for the new mrelite and bar flavors. Have you tried the oatmeal chocolate chip MRE lite? The bar is fantastic, just wondering how similar in taste it is

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Have not tried the powdered form! Looking forward to trying it myself!

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Gosh - I bought 3 boxes of these during Redcon1’s sale two weeks ago. They are legit.

As a Texas boy, Pecan Pie is my all time favorite dessert. I hope they nail this flavor!


I am 100% going to grab a tub of that!