RedCon1 - New Product!

RedCon1 - New Product!

RedCon1 just announced that their new Whey based protein blend RATION will be dropping today! Yes, RedCon1 has a protein on the market, but it is a isolate protein called Isotope. Let me know if you have any questions!

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What are we going to be looking at for pricing comparisons? Cheaper than Isotope per serving I presume, as it’s a concentrate, not an isolate?

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Waiting to hear the price tag. Looks like its only a 5lb tub. Will post up again when I see it!

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Price Tag:

Ration (5lbs - 65 servings) - $79.99 = $1.23/serving
Isotope (5lb - 71 servings) - $89.99 = $1.26/serving
Isotope (2.1lbs - 30 servings) - $39.99 = $1.33/serving

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Awesome, thanks!

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No problem! Remember you can always save 10% with the code PricePlow!

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Im sure its great quality but at $90 for a 5lb tub, no way. Too expensive.


The $90 was the isolate. This one is $65.


I am trying to re-cofirm the price. I was told $64.99 but it was posted on the website for $79.99 but has been taken down.


other flavors beyond chocolate? its back on the site:


$90 for an isolate is too expensive.


Well if you buy RedCon1 at retail price then you’re not doing things right. They have coupons all the time!!

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I would love to try their mint chocolate ice cream flavor.

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Price is back down to $64.99 = $0.99/serving!

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