REDCON1 MRE revisited 2020

Hi Everyone,

After seeing the review of PP’s Axe & Sledge Home Made me wondering what ever happened to Recon1 MRE and MRE lite, specifically the protein.

Was there a lab report on their product to see if the protein is what is listed?

  • Beef, Salmon, Egg, Chicken, Brown Rice and Pea Protein

As discussed in our MRE and MRE Bar posts, RedCon1 is using beef protein as in “beef off the bone”, not the drastically inferior collagen-based powder that’s sometimes found in some other beef proteins.

Just curious as amazon has a great deal on MRE and MRE lite right now and I want to make sure that its not just some collagen + fractional (<1%) animal sources.

Has any other brand including A&S revealed what is their beef/animal protein sources?

Axe & Sledge Home Made looks pretty good.


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I heard rumors but never anything concrete, which makes me weary.

Yeah, they hyped up that they would release an amino profile, and then never did, which like

If they could brag about it, they would have released it, lol

I’m buds with Aaron, but I wish he’d get that out.

You have better luck asking BPI to reveal their 3rd part tests on their protein


LOL BPI!!! oh man this made me literally laugh out loud!

FDN listed BPI creatine for $5, today.

I thought, “even if I were dirt poor, I would not touch that deal, no matter how good.”


Speaking of BPI… I bought their bulk nitrosigine some time last year for like $7. Eventually tossed it since @Clipper83 pointed out that the label scoop was something like 2/3 filler.

Look at all those badges though

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All bought and paid for… They don’t have to fib about something they didn’t make right?


All jokes aside about BPI which is a brand I have never purchased and never will. Redcon 1 MRE seems like another product you cannot take seriously.

I noticed that all of their sponsored athletes no longer mention MRE.

I got like 48 BPI protein bars for like $16 once because they were 2 months from expiring.

Weren’t terrible, really, but I like the shitty 2006-era protein bars with the taffy texture, lol.

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I don’t follow the company on social media, so I can’t speak to that.

Can’t go wrong with Axe and Sledge “Homemade.” It’s expensive but good.

Alternative, is blend a carb source (oats/cream of rice/potato flour) with eggs/whey, some fat source. Probably much cheaper to make your own.

Amazon has a sale on Quaker Oats right now. 5lbs for $6.00. I bought a couple to stock up on.